Q&A with David Rosenfelt, Author of Collared

Read an exclusive Q&A with David Rosenfelt, author of the Andy Carpenter series, and make sure to sign in and comment below for a chance to win the 16th in the series, Collared!

David Rosenfelt is the former marketing president for Tri-Star Pictures. Now, he is the acclaimed author of the Andy Carpenter series as well as several standalone thrillers. Recently, the accomplished author took time to answer some of CrimeHQ's questions about his latest Andy Carpenter mystery, Collared, the difference between writing movies and novels, and his Tara Foundation. 

What can readers expect from Collared that they haven’t experienced in previous Andy Carpenter novels?

They can expect a significant piece of literature that will reshape their view of the world and influence and educate millions. Of course, if they do expect that, they’ll be disappointed. Hopefully, it’s a good mystery with suspense and a lot of humor.

What would be your murder weapon of choice?


Are there any TV shows you're currently watching?

I watch sports, news, and Seinfeld re-runs. I’m an intellectual.

After writing films, what challenges stand out to you with writing a novel?

I can’t think of any. For me, writing a novel is infinitely easier and more satisfying. The need to tell a good story and entertain exists in both mediums, but novel writing is much freer and less restrictive.

Describe Collared in 5 words.

A pretty good Andy Carpenter.

What do you want readers to think or feel after finishing this book?

That they enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next one.

What are you currently reading?

I’m not. I’m writing the next book, and I can’t read while I write. If I do, I tend to imitate the style of the author I’m reading (which is probably a good thing).

If you could team Andy Carpenter up with any other detective, who would you choose?

Jack Reacher. I am a major fan of Jack Reacher. But I’m not sure Andy and Jack have much in common.

What's your favorite line from Collared and why?

I don’t think I have one, but I can tell you my favorite line from any of the Andy Carpenters. It’s the opening line in Dead Center. Andy’s girlfriend Laurie left him five months earlier to go back to her hometown, so he hasn’t dated in all that time. He asks the question, “Do you get spiritual credit for celibacy if it’s involuntary?”

Which mystery/crime series has had the biggest influence on your work?

Robert Parker’s Spenser books.

The Tara Foundation, named in honor of your Golden Retriever, is a huge aspect of the series and your own life. What made you decide to incorporate the real life foundation into your series?

I include it for two reasons. One is to hopefully help people understand how great animal rescue can be. The other is because they tell you to write what you know and understand (which is why there are so few women in my books).

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David Rosenfelt is the Edgar-nominated and Shamus Award-winning author of several standalone thrillers and more than a dozen Andy Carpenter novels, including Collared. He and his wife live in Maine with their ever-changing pack of rescue dogs.


  1. Robin Miller

    I look forward to this next Andy Carpenter installment for its clever wit, humorous sarcasm and page-turning story line. (But can you bring back even a little of the song talking?)

  2. Michelle Ahrens

    I love the Andy Carpenter series – the humor, the characters and the stories. I recommend your books to all. I can’t wait to listen to the newest book as I’m on my second time through the series for my Andy Carpenter fix. Plus, Grover Gardner as the narrator is perfect. He nails the dialogue and enhances the story. I’m glad to hear you are already working on the next book. Thank you for the great work you do, Mr. Rosenfelt!

  3. Leslie Thistle

    Can’t wait for this! And am proud David is a fellow Maine resident. Such a good thing for David, Debbie and the dogs!

  4. Judith Romanisko

    I will turn 75 on July 18, release day! I am a big fan of Tara and that fella who writes about her.

  5. Sue HAWK

    I came across one of David’s books last Nov. and have been reading frantically trying to catch up. I’m hooked on the whole Andy Carpenter series. I feel like I know all of the main characters personally. I love what Tara has spurred all the way from doggie heaven and I love David and his wife for all they endure for the sake of their rescue dogs.

  6. Kathy Bubb

    I love the Andy Carpenter series! And love seeing David’s funny Facebook posts, especially the ones that include pics of all their rescues.

  7. Pamela Sherman

    I think the Andy Carpenter series is the best series, up there with Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. As an animal/dog lover with two Rescues, I love that aspect. He just cracks me up and I feel good after reading/listening to his books (I do both).

  8. Joan Schramm

    Love, love, love the Andy Carpenter books! I have every one of them, and have read them multiple times. Looking forward to adding “Collared” to my collections — and even sweeter if it was free!

  9. Mark Laskin

    Favorite murder weapon, ‘Sarcasm’ … snigger ……very droll and better than irony as it doesn’t rust on use.

  10. Judi

    Reading a new Andy Carpenter is like a wonderful vacation, without all the tourists and expense. Just a darn good time!

  11. Helen Crow

    So there I was stuck in dark glasses and prohibited from reading either from paper or a tablet. I disobeyed the doctor just long enough to download some audiobooks from the library and one of them was PLAY DEAD. Over the next weeks, I happily listened to all the library would lend me and then added the entire series to my e-book library.

    Tara, Laurie, Marcus and Andy have all become friends. I’m glad they’ll be coming to visit again.

  12. Emell

    I like all the snarky comments and Grover Gardner narration on all of Andy Carpenter books.

  13. Trooper

    Sarcasm seems to be a theme in you book. I have enjoyed every one I’ve read and always looking forward to the next boo. Thanks for rescuing, Ive rescued 10 siberians in 20 years so far . I’m glad you incorportorated the rescue.!

  14. Herb Berkwits

    Much love to Tara, Andy, and the gang. Always a fun read.

  15. Diane Gibbons

    I love Andy Carpenter and can’t wait for Collared ….. thank you for all you do rescuing dogs in need

  16. Paula Eriksen

    I have read every book you have written and loved them all. I do love the Andy Carpenter and can hardly wait for “Collared” to get to my door on next Tuesday, but truthfully, each book you have written has been entertaining and excellent. Thanks for all the great books

  17. Paula Eriksen

    I have read every book you have written and loved them all. I do love the Andy Carpenter and can hardly wait for “Collared” to get to my door on next Tuesday, but truthfully, each book you have written has been entertaining and excellent. Thanks for all the great books

  18. Susan Becker

    Looking forward to “Collared”– all of the Andy Carpenter books are so entertaining. Thanks for the books and all your dog rescue work.

  19. John Smith

    Cute doggies!

  20. Ellen Derwin

    I would love to win a copy of Collared. As soon as I finish one Andy Carpenter book, I await the next. I enjoy the humor, the consistent cast of characters, and I love the dogs and themes of animal rescue that David portrays and lives in his own live.

  21. Susan Eggers

    I have 18 July circled in red on a post it note attatched to my bathroom mirror. Counting down the days!


    Holy cow! David Rosenfelt and his Andy Carpenter series is the best! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Collared, no matter how bad the odds are!

  23. Tami Roleff

    Seeing as how I just pre-ordered Collared, I am conflicted about whether or not I’d like to win it. Either way, I’m looking forward to reading it.

  24. Brenda Lind

    I’ve always loved cat mysteries but the humor and animal rescue have made this series my new favorite. Can’t wait for Collared!

  25. Mary A Johnson

    Love Andy Carpenter and waiting impatiently for Collared!

  26. Anita Norton

    SO looking forward to this book.

  27. Sandra Kent

    I love these books. Can’t wait for this one to get into the stores.

  28. scoop293

    All of the Andy Carpenter mysteries have been excellent. Definitely looking forward to Collared.

  29. Laura Lockett

    My hubby and I are HUGE Andy Carpenter fans. OK, his writer is pretty cool too! We had the pleasure of meeting David at a rescue event in Thousand Oaks, CA a few years ago and he didn’t dissapoint 🙂 We’ve ordered the audible version but a hardcopy is great for sharing with friends!

  30. Caryn Karalis

    This one isn’t out yet and I’m already looking forward to the next one. Can’t you write faster? I’ll have the ebook as soon as it’s out. I love your humor.

  31. Sue E

    Waiting impatiently for the nect Any Carpenter book.

  32. Becky James

    I really enjoy the Andy Carpenter series and admire the author for his rescue work.

  33. lasvegasnv

    sounds interesting

  34. Dan Carr

    sounds good !

  35. Fonda

    Read all the Andy Carpenter. Now listening to Dead Center. Loved your favorite quote on celibacy and the Gene Pitney reference. Great work!!!

  36. Brenda N.

    It is like taking a vacation reading one of your books. They take me away to another animal lovers land.

  37. James Joyce

    Dogs and kids napping? Sounds exciting! I’m in !

  38. Becky Tatar

    I love these books. As a librarian, I was always recoommending these to patrons wanting a new mystery!

  39. Mike Stafford

    The ‘Andy Carpenter’ series never fails to entertain. Some of the courtroom scenes feature the funniest dialogue you will find in any genre. The witty charm of the series is enhanced by the engaging cast of characters who share Andy’s adventures. It’s one of the truly can’t miss series.

  40. Christine Uber

    looking forward to the book!

  41. VLR

    I am a big Andy Carpenter fan. More importantly, I am a big David Rosenfelt fan.
    Thank you for being on of the good guys in this world. My Buddy is 15 years old and snoring beside me as I write. Every day with him is a gift.
    My hope is that one day everyone will value the lives of all dogs. In the meantime, thank you for the good work that you do.

  42. Susan Robinette

    Looking forward to this installment in the Andy Carpenter books!


    Love this series, Andy Carpenter and the gang are just like best friends. Love the humor and it’s a laugh out loud for me. Plus I’m a big golden retriever fan too….we lost our precious Hannah 2 years ago, who was an angel, and now we have Missy who has a crooked halo…enjoy all the dogs in this series almost as much as the human characters..

  44. Carisa Lisch

    I love these book with Andy Carpenter. I live in NJ and know alot of the places that are mentioned. I also have a dog walking company and rescue dogs so I enjoy th stories and humor! Looking forward to getting “Collared”

  45. Chris R.

    I love this series! I just discovered it while looking for something to listen to while I walk. The 3rd book in the series I couldn’t download so I actually had to read it! That took me 3 days!

  46. Sheila Korman

    [b]I love Mr. Rosenfelt’s work—thanks for the chance to win one of his books![/b]

  47. Carolyn

    I hadn’t heard of this series before reading about this book and am certainly looking forward to reading all the books in this series (a series that includes a golden retreiver = A+++)

  48. ellie lewis

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  50. Daniel Morrell

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  51. pearl berger

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  52. Pearl Berger

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  53. Vernon Luckert

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  54. Lisa Benton

    I enjoy ALL of the Andy Carpenter novels, I’m sure this will be just as great!

  55. Lisa Benton

    I enjoy ALL of the Andy Carpenter novels, I’m sure this will be just as great!

  56. Terry Pearson

    I have one of his books. Got it because I couldn’t pass up the cute dog on the cover :-). Now I’m hooked on his stories.

  57. Patrick Murphy

    Looks like a fun read!!

  58. AEA

    I love his books and am looking forward to reading Collared.

  59. Judi

    Going to start reading it right now!

  60. Katrina Yurenka

    I’ve read or listened to them all including Lessons from Tara and Dogtripping. I’m really looking forward to this new one!

  61. Alicia Sargant

    sounds like the dog for me!

  62. LabRat517

    I can’t believe I haven’t tried the Andy Carpenter series yet. But after reading this article I’m going to get the first one and give it a try. Since Rosenfelt says he’s influenced by Parker, one of my favorites, and sounds like he has a great sense of humor I think this could be a series I’ll love.

  63. Richard Mann

    I haven’t ready any of the Andy Carpenter series since about #3. It’s time that I got back with it!

  64. Polly Barlow

    For animal mysteries I generally read cat mysteries; I can see that I will have to try a dog mystery and believe one by David Rosenfelt would be a good way to start.

  65. pat murphy

    Sounds like a good read .

  66. Carl

    If Mr. Rosenfelt’s writing is as amusing as his conversation (and I bet it is) we’re in for a treat. I’d love to win a copy of Collared, thanks for the chance.

  67. Michael Carter

    Please enter me in this sweepstakes.
    Thanks —

  68. Lori P

    OK, I’m a sucker for smart doggies. The best intellectuals like smart doggies.

  69. Crystal Blackburn

    David Rosenfelt is a funny guy. I’m fairly sure that I’ve never read one of his books. I’d love to win a copy of [b]Collared[/b] to get started.

  70. Christal Mormann

    looks like a good read

  71. Theresa Clarke

    Great interview – and love to read the book too!

  72. Marisa Young

    Loved the interview.
    Want to read the book.

  73. Sandy Klocinski

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  74. Saundra K. Warren

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  75. Andrew Gordon

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  76. Ron Frampton

    Have always like the ANDY CARPENTER series

  77. Bonita Strong

    I keep reading David Rosenfelt’s books because I love the characters and I keep trying to prove that Tara is not the best dog in the world (mine is). I fail with Tara, but win with Andy Carpenter and his friends.

  78. Portia Asher

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  79. Shannon Baas

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    COLLERED. Another awesome mystery.
    Crazy about Andy Carpenter.

  85. L

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  86. Lisa Brown

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    David Rosenfelt is a great writer & terrific guy. I’ve read every Rosenfelt book but Andy Carpenter books are my favorite & Collared is the best yet.
    Would love to win a copy. Thanks

  108. Peter W. Horton Jr.

    I love dogs! Yes!


    a new author for me…but one I am anxious to add to my reading list.

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