Pushing Daisies Graphic Novel Preview: I’ll Take a Piece of that Pie!

Pushing Daisies TV Show Poster of Cast in front of The Pie Hole

And another slice to go.

Brian Fuller, creator of Pushing Daisies (and Dead Like Me), recently posted a tantalizing 2-page preview of the “forensic fairy-tale” graphic novel on twitter. Unfortunately, production of the comics has been delayed for months already with no word on release date still.

For a highly acclaimed show, nominated for 17 Emmys with seven wins, ABC’s Pushing Daisies had a rather short lifespan of only 2 seasons. The show is known for its stylish visuals and quirky dialogues (think Amélie witticisms plus Tim Burton surrealism.) Lee Pace plays Ned, pie-maker and owner of The Pie Hole, who has the “gift” of bringing dead things and people back to life with his touch. Chi McBride, who stars in Human Target (another crime show that deserves more airtime), is Emerson Cod, private investigator and Ned’s business partner in a case-cracking venture. (WB has the entire first season available for online streaming. Instant gratification.)

Preview of Pushing Daisies Graphic Novel

Its graphic novel counterpart seems a bit darker visually but Fuller says fans of Pushing Daisies will get some answers to the mysteries left unraveled in the TV version. With the comics in the works for almost 2 years, I sure hope he has baked in a ton of delicious surprises! I know you’ve got indigestion from the pie puns overdose…OK, I’ll stop now.

Pushing Daises Graphic Novel Preview Full Spread

(Click image above to view the enlarged full spread.)


  1. josie mink

    this show always made me hungry. i think it was all the reds, yellows, greens–appetizing colors. the comics look less yummy.

  2. Cathy Zhu Chen

    I get hungry too (hence becoming a bad pie punster.) Wish we had one more season to tie up loose ends.

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