Pulp is Everywhere!

Pulp Cover Cuff Bracelet
The love for pulp shines!
As you no doubt know, we here at CrimeHQ love us some pulp. And the cover art has always been a big part of that love. So we’re very happy to see women with bullet bras beneath their skimpy dresses and men smoking cigarettes, drinking bourbon, and looking oh-so-cool on the covers of newer books like the Hard Case Crime novels.


Recycled domino with pulp cover art
A pulpy necklace made from a domino!
But when I saw a woman on the subway wearing a pair of miniaturized pulp novel covers as earrings, I got to wondering what else might have been done to the fab artwork of the Mad Men era. So, naturally, I checked on Etsy, where I found everything from matchbooks to earrings to electrical switch plates to china. Yes, you can eat your meals off plates with pulp covers in the center, uncovering a bit more of each scantily clad woman as you choke down your lima beans.

Love-Crazy Slasher from Birdseye Boutique, Cuff bracelet from urbanrose.

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