Preventing Crimes Against Nature, With Science!

When the eyes of a wolf are upon you...
When the eyes of a wolf are upon you…
Thanks to some awesome conservation efforts by the fine governments of Europe, the numbers for the European Grey Wolf are on the rise. One would think that this is a pretty admirable achievement for us humans, not really being known for our collective respect for Mother Nature and all, but little did we know that grey wolves happen to appreciate sheep in a way that only a top tier predator can.

Surprisingly enough, as the grey wolf population has risen the number of attacks on flocks of sheep has also risen (hmmm, one begins to wonder why grey wolves were hunted near to extinction before), but fear not. Man’s ingenuity for man has stepped up and answered the problem with a clear, concise phrase, “There’s an app for that!”

A team of Swiss biologists are currently developing a specialized sheep collar that monitors the animal’s heart rate, so in the event that a wolf decides to have mutton on a particular night, a shepherd will be alerted via text message allowing him to swoop in, preferably in some sort of “Super-Shepherd” costume, and save the day. Now how you are going to separate a hungry wolf from his meal without the use of lethal force is another question entirely, but science can only work one problem at a time right?

Personally, I think you should just have all modern day shepherds go to the same wolf-fighting school as Liam Neeson in his recent movie, The Gray. But then, that is just me. (Via Wired)

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