Preorder First Strike by Ben Coes and Get Exfiltration Free!

Exfiltration started out as a scene from one of Ben Coes's novels, Independence Day. It was cut long before the final draft—the novel took a substantially different turn—but Ben liked the characters and action so much, that he sculpted a separate story for giveaway with a preorder purchase of his new book, First Strike

Here’s what happened right before the story opens:

After a harrowing evening in St. Petersburg, Russia, Dewey Andreas is followed by agents from SVR, the Russian intelligence agency. His only hope of escape is on a ferry just about to leave, but as he boards the crowded ship, Dewey sees that agents have also come aboard. Within minutes, Dewey is cornered. Now his only option is to get off the boat, but as he leaps from the deck, a gunman shoots him in the leg. He lands in the cold water miles from shore, a bullet lodged in his leg and darkness all around. Dewey knows he will probably drown but does what he can to increase the odds of survival as blood pours from his wounded leg into the ocean. 

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