Pregnant Taxidemist Craves Roadkill: Accidental Deaths, Criminally Gross?

Photo: Roger Moody, Caters News / Zuma
Photo: Roger Moody, Caters News / Zuma

Via the Metro UK:  The 42-year-old has been eating an array of animals killed along her local roads in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

[Alison] Brierley often used her roadkill to make jewellery from their hides, but now the mum-to-be has gone full throttle with her new diet.

“Usually I eat really healthily but now I’m pregnant I get strong cravings for roadkill,“ explained Brierley. ”It’s more gamey than other meat and I love the taste. I also don’t have to feel guilty about eating it because I know it’s had a completely free range and natural life.”

“I would like to try fox and badger but they’re never in good enough condition to eat; although I have used them for my artwork.”

As far as we know, these are all accidental vehicular deaths, but certainly her cravings spell food fatale for the hare, deer, pigeon, rabbit, owls, and pheasant.

Hat tip: Huffington Post.


  1. Saundra Peck

    Who finds these people to interview?!?!?! I think I am going to be sick…

  2. courtneyflats

    Who really needs to know this?


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