Police Mascots: Cuddly v. Corrupt

The Gothamist recently hosted an unofficial mascot contest for NYPD. The inspiration came from Tokyo Metro Police Department’s very own Pipo-kun who was introduced in 1987 to promote friendlier relations between law enforcement and Tokyoites. Submissions have trickled in from New Yorkers for a cartoon cop liaison and many of these reflect cheeky humor and mistrust towards the police force. Some “nominees” are Police Lt. Snack Bauer, NYPD Policestopus, Stop n’Frisk the Helpful Police Squirrel, Officer Bully, and Texty the Traffic Pigeon. It is doubtful the Tokyo Police are paragons, but New Yorkers are definitely a way more cynical crowd!

Check out some of the suggestions:

. . .and the best one:

Police Lt. Snack Bauer

Images courtesy of Scott Birdseye, Chris Bonnell, and Matt Lubchansky


  1. Jamie

    Don’t know to laugh or cry–or both.

  2. Megan Frampton

    The best has to be the donut guy variations, but I also like the pigeon’s attentiveness to his duty.

  3. Cathy Zhu Chen

    Holding hands with rainbow sprinkled fried dough is clearly underrated. (Look at the guy’s expression!) I should try that some time.

  4. Thomas Pluck

    Snack Bauer makes me laugh every time I think of it.

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