Police Help Man Find Briefcase Full of Cocaine

We have another brilliant criminal for you this week. A man found himself sitting in jail after he asked police if anyone had seen his missing briefcase. Not a big deal, right? Well, it is if the briefcase contained a whole lot of coke.

According to Channel 7, a briefcase was turned over to a police officer who was directing traffic outside of a Seattle Seahawks game in Washington. The man who gave the cop the briefcase said he had been walking his dog when another man stopped to pet it, leaving his briefcase behind in the process.

The police officer opened it to see if he could glean any contact info, but instead found something unexpected—four huge bags and 27 smaller ones filled with cocaine. The combined total was 154 grams! There was also a scale, 50 diazepam pills, and some marijuana. Sounds like one hell of a tailgate party…

Shortly after, the owner of the briefcase approached a few officers he spotted while searching for his lost briefcase and asked if they saw it anywhere. Get this, he explained that the briefcase had some very important paperwork that he needed. He was promptly arrested for being stupid…er, I mean, on drug charges.