Police Ask for a Driver’s License, Gets Beer Instead

Pro-tip: When a cop pulls you over and asks to see your drivers license, do not, I repeat, do not hand over a beer instead. This act of kindness will not help your situation.

Sadly, that is what police say happened in the sleepy town of Dunwoody, Ga. The police report states that Damon Tobias Exum first struck Officer Alvin Rodriguez’s patrol car on I-285. The officer was uninjured and then pursued Exum’s vehicle and stopped it, police spokesman Sgt. Fidel Espinoza said.

Exum was “heavily intoxicated” and “totally unaware that he had collided with the officer’s patrol car,” Espinoza said.

He was arrested on eight misdemeanor charges, including DUI and reckless driving, according to the report.