Patrick Stewart Stars in Green Room, aka Punks Vs. Neo-Nazis

This week in Matinee Monday, we look at a chilling backwoods standoff in a Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room. Saulnier, a relatively new voice on the film scene, first saw significant critical and box office success with his 2013 thriller, Blue Ruin, a long, slow burn of a movie following the fate and fallout of a vagrant exacting revenge for his murdered parents on a convict granted early release.

Green Room is perhaps best described as punks vs. neo-Nazi skinheads – a movement more relevant to modern-day America than many would like to admit. When a punk rock band makes the dubious decision to play a white supremacist venue, they witness a murder, pitting them in a fight to escape their own show from a band of supremacists dead-set on covering up their crime.

Also, it features Heisenberg Professor X Patrick Stewart as a scenery-chewing neo-Nazi head honcho. Them's some good watchin', right there.

Green Room is available now in select theatres, and will be in theatres everywhere starting April 29. Watch the trailer below (potentially NSFW – violence, language).