Parts is Parts: Gifts for the Budding Psychopath

Suprise presentOK, before you read any further about these amazing creations, put away your food, put down your coffee, and check your squeamishness at the door.  Ready?

It has been said that the average sociopath starts young and small, that in the beginning he dissects small animals, only later working his way up to people. That being the case, there may be some folks on your holiday list for whom the following gifts seem appropriate:


  1. Toad purseThe toad purse. Perfect for carrying small items like a scalpel and pair of tweezers out in the field, this lovely item is made from the body of an actual cane toad. Remember, you can order your purse with or without legs.


  2. Or, a Pikachu figure, made from one of Tokyo’s urban “super rats,” so called because nothing seems to get rid of them. Fortunately artists’ collective Chim Pom has found a use for the rodents: turning them into Pikachu dolls. This may be just the thing for the Pokemon lunatic in your life. (And, by the way, why is that person in your life, if we may be so bold?)
  3. Bullie Bag made from bull scrotumAnd last, but definitely not least, a Bullie Bag, made from genuine bull scrotum. If your young sociopath has a full-on laboratory and isn’t carrying his tools in his toad purse any longer, this would make a wonderful recepticle for, well, all kinds of things. Is it our fault we refuse to think about any of them at the moment?

We did find one other exceptional animal gift, but your budding psycho may prefer to make his own, especially if he doesn’t want them…already mounted. Or, perhaps, this one isn’t appropriate for anybody. (NSFW if your boss is a squirrel.)

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