Ozombie: Too far or Too Funny?

This guy is just like Jason, he just won’t stay dead
This guy is just like Jason, he just won’t stay dead
In case you were wondering where they could possible take the idea of zombies next, here’s the answer! The movie is called Ozombie (or Osombie, there seems to be some debate due to the heavy-metal band font stylings on the poster.) The movie’s subtitle is The Axis of Evil Dead and its plot focuses on the zombification and subsequent return of the one man that Americans possibly hate more than Hitler, Osama Bin Laden. It’s up to a small, crack-team of service men and women (equipped with samurai swords, natually) to stand between all that is worth saving and the zombified al-Qaeda leader of the zombie apocalypse. (Can it still be called a suicide attack if it’s done by a zombie?)

We here at Criminal Element have talked before about having fun with the real-life terrors and villains of our past.  In a way, you could say it’s coping with the reality of a kind of evil we all would prefer stay in the pages of our favorite books. And while the trailer below obviously has tongue planted firmly in cheek, it begs the question: is it best to leave things well enough alone or is it cathartic to dance on the occasional grave? Watch the trailer and let us know.


  1. Clare 2e

    Hmm, frozen Nazi zombies or Ozombies? Hard to choose…

  2. krakendasmares


  3. xxxxxxx

    This falsely implies that the hoax U.S. killing of OBL was real, and it glorifies the pointless, never-ending U.S. occupation of Afghanistan. OBL likely died about 10 years ago. The Obama OBL raid was a PR re-election stunt, has no credibility, the U.S. refuses to prove it happened, eyewitnesses contradict it, and U.S. soldiers involved conveniently died. Governments constantly lie, but the lies are getting very absurd now, and impossible to believe.

  4. Anonymouse

    Your suppossed to comment on the movie, not your anti-american hypocracy. Anyhow, I personaly think its a genious Idea, as long as you take it lightly and have a good sense of humor.

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