Overlooked Cozies: A Dance Instructor Mystery

What do a badger, a flat-footed dancer, and a weaponized parasol have in common? Check out this latest Overlooked Cozy and find out.

Actually, Leonard is the one on the left.
Dances with Dancers (A Dance Instructor Mystery)

By Lummy Ginnsue

It would never have occurred to Leonard Hinchmisty to let his flat feet or double-jointed knees slow him down in his obsessively single-minded quest to open his own dance studio. Then came the cruel twist – on the eve of the grand opening, Mrs. Edna Phullapuddy, the town busybody, hoofs it off of this mortal coil, courtesy of a parasol driven deeply into her skull. This, only days after the unfortunate incident in which a small wolverine was secreted away in her capacious pillbox hat. If Leonard doesn’t soon get stepping and solve this caper he’s likely to find that the jig is up and all his dreams are in limbo.

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William I. Lengeman III is a freelance journalist with a fondness for gourmet tea and traditional mysteries. He writes about the former at Tea Guy Speaks and the latter at Traditional Mysteries.