Overheard: Bouchercon Honorees Have Books to Die For…and So Can You!

Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark
Mary and Carol Higgins Clark
Bouchercon is a guaranteed good time. Seriously. Even if you never leave the bar and spend all your time listening to conversations, you’re bound to meet up with some great people and hear some really cool stuff. Here are some of the gems we overheard this year:

John Connolly smells am-ayyyyyy-zing.”
Lee Child smells pretty good, too.”

“I ran into Mary Higgins Clark in the elevator. I am no one, but she was so lovely and gracious to me even so.”

Daniel Palmer could sell ice to Eskimos. He should be a professional auctioneer.”
“Or a professional con man.”

“The only thing my ex’s lawyer didn’t call me in court was a whore. And that’s the only one he could have legitimately have gotten away with.”

Dana Cameron is on fire.”

“I don’t know who that is, but she must be an agent. Look at how much attention everyone’s paying to her.”

“I can’t believe I won the character naming in E.J. Copperman’s book in the raffle. I just love those books!”

“I can’t remember the last time I slept.” (We heard this, we said this, we lived it.)

This year, Bouchercon honored a number of great people. We thought it was probably a moral imperative for us to indroduce you to them, if you haven’t already met. So in order to give you a chance to get to know any you haven’t already read, we’re giving two lucky winners each a set of five books!

• From Elizabeth George, American Guest of Honor: The Edge of Nowhere, first in a paranormal YA trilogy about a teenager with unusual gifts whose need to escape her criminal stepfather leads her to Whidbey Island, just a ferry ride away from Seattle, but a world away form anything she’s known.

• Edited by John Connolly, Bouchercon’s Toastmaster, Books to Die For is a collection of commentary on great mystery novels by great mystery authors. Co-edited by Declan Burke, it includes contributions from Michael Connelly, Kathy Reichs, Mark Billingham, and Ian Rankin, among many, many others.

• From Mary Higgins Clark, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, The Lost Years is a mystery about a daughter who fears her Alzheimer’s-afflicted mother may have murdered her father. However, as her father was also a biblical scholar who believed he’d discovered a letter from Jesus himself—later stolen from the Vatican—a worldwide family of believers may be at stake along with her own.

• From Robin Cook, honored for Distinguished Contribution to the Genre, medical thriller Death Benefit involves cutting-edge research in creating replacement organs and Wall Street schemers finding new ways to profit from death.

• From Les Roberts, Special Cleveland Guest of Honor, The Cleveland Creep is the 15th in the series about local private eye Milan Jacovich, a now-aging shamus who, in this installment, has to tackle the scummiest elements of today’s voyeur culture while training his new protegee.

This sweepstakes has ended.

TO WIN, just be a registered, logged in user for the site and leave a comment on this post. Tell us something funny you’ve overheard…either at a convention or anywhere!

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  1. Thomas Pluck

    Great con. I was in an elevator with Mr. Connolly and can affirm that his aroma is … sublime.

  2. Victoria L. Petty Nawrath

    overheard in restaurant, one woman to another. “All I wanted was a 3 minute discussion regarding our burial arrangements. The way he reacted you would have thought I wanted to discuss my menstrual flow”

  3. jim162065

    Very cool

  4. Susan Meek

    I’d love to attend this con someday. Sorry I don’t have anything exciting that I’ve overheard.

  5. Barbara Bibel

    Overheard on the green roof at the California Academy of Sciences in San Franciso, CA: A woman enjoying the view on a lovely clear day said, “Gee, if I were Sarah Palin I could see China frim here.”

  6. missmeigs

    I love overhearing conversations between my young daughter and her friends

  7. Susan Adamson

    Overheard at a book store – “A robin cook book? Who cooks robins?”.

  8. Reinaldo Barreras

    Why don’t ducks fly upside down?
    To avoid quacking up.
    …a joke from Louise Erdrich’s magnificent new novel THE ROUND HOUSE.

  9. Lilian Cheng

    Ihaven’t overheard anything exciting recently..but I’ll be keeping my ears peeled today!

  10. Kristen Howe

    This is from my writing group this morning. One member said to a new member who’s writing historical fiction: “You needed to show his pompousity.” I know, he made that word up and thought it was funny.

  11. Michael Kelberer

    Books to Die For is very interesting reading!

  12. Autumn Crochet

    I was walking behind these two women that thought they were all that and a bag of chips too. One of them pointed to a fleur-di-lis decal and said “Oh my god, that fleur-di-lis is SO badass”. What made it even funnier, other than the fact a fleur-di-lis might be badass, was that she had this really squeeky high pitched voice.

  13. BARBIE Hodges

    nothing to add except I love books, read everyday

  14. Robin Weatherington

    Looks like fun reading

  15. Melissa Darwin

    I just heard someone describe Instagram as “Twitter for people who can’t even write 14o characters.” Perfect!

  16. Sean Fox

    Wasn’t at Bouchercon, but met Daniel Palmer at another con and he was certainly an entertaining character.

  17. Becky Hantsbarger

    Some day I hope to get to Bouchercon. I just overhead one woman tell another “I want to show off my toes as long as I can.” Since it’s going to be in the lower 20’s tonight, I’m thinking she has a thing for blue!

  18. Anna Mills

    I can always count on my granddaughters to say something sharable. Maddie, who is six, said to Molly, who is four, “Please quit following me, Molly”, with such disdain and faked exasperation. As if Molly is paparazzi and Maddie is, well, Maddie. So Molly turned to her sister, Hannah, age ten, and, not to be outdone, said, “Please quit following me, Hannah!” No problem there!

  19. debbi shaw

    ok added to my list!!

  20. Deborah Dumm

    Overheard in a restaurant :A little girl of about 3 years old suddenly stood up on her chair picked up her sundae raised it over her head and screamed”cheers!”

  21. Melissa Thompson

    [b]Overheard at a sports bar one evening…..a group of guys (Oilfield)…bashing their boss….whom unbeknownst to the guys…..was about 4 tables over watching and listening to all of them….he eventually busted them! Was great to hear and watch it all unfold!![/b]

  22. Ed Shannon


  23. Mary Lauff-Thompson

    Overheard in a hospital.This patient was here for chasing people with a golf club.

  24. angelarcher

    This would be a great collection to own! Some of my favs, plus some that are new to me! Here is my Halloween joke…what are ghosts favorite streets? Wait for it…Dead Ends! 🙂

  25. Ann Powers

    Can’t think of a better pair of writers than Mary Higins Clark and her daughter Carol Carol Higgins Clark. As an alum of Mary’s college I never fail to use her story to enlighten people whe say it is too late or they are too busy to start a career. Love all their books. Some day I hope to attend

  26. Ann Powers

    Can’t think of a better pair of writers than Mary Higins Clark and her daughter Carol Carol Higgins Clark. As an alum of Mary’s college I never fail to use her story to enlighten people whe say it is too late or they are too busy to start a career. Love all their books. Some day I hope to attend

  27. Anne Muller

    I’ve never been to a convention. Can’t thinkof anything funny I’ve heard anywhere else either. I have a memory like a sieve. I can’t recall any jokes either.

  28. Joan Rhine

    Thanks for the great contest and all the wonderful extras from the conference. Attending is definitely on my to-do list.

  29. Mary Deering

    It looks like it was a great conference. Since, I can’t seem to make it to a conference, I’d love to attend a book signing for any of these authors at the Evergreen Park Public Library.

  30. Suzanne Gonneville

    I sure had a lot of “laugh-out-louds” while reading these comments! Many of you suscribers need to expand your comedyish . . . .

  31. Linda Kuzminczuk

    Would have loved to have an opportunity to overhear anything at a convention – thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  32. Elizabeth Cerza

    Sounds like a great con, and what a fabulous collection of books! I’m excited to be entered for a chance to win. Good luck, everyone!

  33. Mo Heedles

    While I have heard many fun things at conferences sadly I cannot remember a single one. I missed Bouchercon this year but I have already registered for next year in Albany. Thanks for the laughs!

  34. erin f

    thanks for a great post! Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Lisa Kaiser

    All these books look like fun reads

  36. selena

    hmm, i overhear lots of stuff, its just not very interesting. actually so dull that i can’t even think of anything. i could always make it up but nah.

  37. Andrew Kuligowski

    Let that be a lesson to you … you NEVER know who might be listening to your little hallway conversation! (One of these years, I’ll get to overhear stuff at Bouchercon in person!)

  38. Sharon Haas

    Sad to admit but I’m so off in my own little thought bubbles that I usually don’t notice when people are speaking TO me, let alone overhearing them. One could say that makes me way too self absorped but I prefer to explain it as being ‘distracted by shiny things’.

  39. Donna Antonio

    Last thing I overheard was “thats not the esc key” then there was a bit of giggling. Don’t want to know what that was all about.

  40. MonaG

    I don’t know why but I find bickering btwn spouses to be amusing. My parents’ arguing about a misplaced parking stub in a parking garage was one of the funniest exchanges. My SIL heard one btwn hubby and I that she found entertaining. We were packing and I couldn’t find my purse. I asked hubby if he could re-open a suitcase he just packed. We went back-and-forth and my purse was found in the suitcase. He then said I must have put it in there. Aah — married life 😐

  41. Karl Stenger

    Wish I could have been there

  42. Max Cage

    I am looking forward to seeing John Connolly at the BOOKS TO DIE FOR launch event in NYC tomorrow. Lee Child is going to be there! Not as cool as B’Con, but not bad, either.

  43. William Hamilton

    Great set of books to give away. Wonderful quotes from wacky people.

  44. Cindy Scheffler

    What another great group of books to read!!

  45. Deanna Stillings

    Sounds as if a great time was had by all! Wonderful book selection…Dee

  46. gretagarbo

    I would love to meet all of these great authors.

  47. Mark Wagstaff

    I would love to go this this one day.

  48. Sarah W

    Overheard in the bar of the Key Tower Marriott:

    Man: “He not only said my book was stupid, he said I was stupid for trying to write it . . . You don’t think I’m stupid, do you?”

    His female companion: “I think you’re very, very pretty.”

  49. Gretchen Beetner

    Had lots of great conversations in the bar and waiting in book signing lines but I think I was too busy talking to overhear anyone else!

  50. Gwen Stackler

    Those comments are hilarious and just might make me watch what I say in public a wee bit more.

    An eavesdrop that still makes me giggle years later, “I love my sister almost as much as Minnie Mouse and Batman, but not as much as Superman. He is ‘da bomb.”

    Sadly, this didn’t come from the mouth of a child;)

  51. Erin Hartshorn

    I can’t think of any particularly clever things I’ve overheard lately, but these certainly are lots of fun.

  52. Sheila Korman

    One day at the beach I was coming out of the women’s restroom as two women each wearing one-piece bathing suits were going in. I laughed all the way back to my towel after I heard one woman say to the other, “I hate going to the bathroom in my bathing suit!”

  53. carol kieda

    I think these authors are just wonderful. Where would we be without a
    good mystery to read? Carrie

  54. Adella Gonzalez

    I was at a resturant about a month or so ago when I heard this guy say to his buddy, “So, Buddha walks into a pizzeria and says to the owner, “Can you make one with everything?”
    lol I started cracking up…they both smiled!

  55. Carolyn Moy

    Overheard at a bookstore: I’m looking for a book, don’t know the title but the author is Jane Eyre. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  56. Mona

    I don’t know why but I find bickering btwn spouses to be amusing. My parents’ arguing about a misplaced parking stub in a parking garage was one of the funniest exchanges. My SIL heard one btwn hubby and I that she found entertaining. We were packing and I couldn’t find my purse. I asked hubby if he could re-open a suitcase he just packed. We went back-and-forth and my purse was found in the suitcase. He then said I must have put it in there. Aah — married life 😐

  57. Mary Hollifield

    Overheard standing in line waiting for estate sale to open … “Well, to hell with him if he doesn’t like chicken fingers”.

  58. Sirdusty

    Would love to read the new Elizabeth George book- have read every one that she has written so far. I love reading in general, especially mysteries.

  59. Lisa Ahlstedt

    Overheard a young man on a cell phone at baggage claim:

    “No, the luggage isn’t here. I think they’ve lost all your s**t. It’s all f***ed up.” More in this vein for a while, then, “I’m gonna have to call you back later, Mom.”

  60. Mary Gleason

    I’m anxious to hear if there’ll be another Boucheron as I’d love to be there to meet my favorite authors! It sounds as though everyone had a great time.

  61. Beth Groundwater

    I really enjoyed Bouchercon, though I feel for Bookroom Coordinator Don Longmuir and the authors whose books he’d ordered. He was stopped at the US Border, even though he had all the proper paperwork, and was not allowed to bring in the books he’d ordered for the conference. My favorite experience was going out for a dark chocolate chili martini and Belgian chocolate mountain dessert at The Chocolate Bar restaurant nearby on Saturday evening. Yum!

  62. Peter W. Horton Jr.

    Ask other people about all the funny things I have said. Don’t believe them if they nothing!

  63. Catherine Myers

    What a great prize

  64. Kim Hammond

    “If you want to find Lee Child to sign your book check the bar first.” Not only did I hear this, it was actually true.

  65. Karen Cherubino

    I need to get out more. I’m rarely out and about these days to overhear anything, much less something interesting or funny. This conference sounds like it was a lot of fun. And the books in the giveaway? Just amazing. Thanks!

  66. Cheryl U.

    I overheard someone saying that she doesn’t actually believe the earth is round.

  67. Deb Mosora

    Overheard at the library: a customer checking out books was talking about her cousin who is an author—Elisabeth George!

  68. Kim Hammond

    BTW I gave Mr. Connolly the sniff test at Bouchercon and he does indeed smell fine!

  69. alicia marie

    Hmm I’m around kids more than anything else and I’m sure I’ve overheard a lot of funny things they’ve said but I can’t think of anything at the moment…

  70. lmc

    “She does not look like Warshawski at all!” overheard as Sara Paretsky took the posium at a library conference Chicago.

  71. Sue Farrell

    I find in laughable when listening to parents trying to keep their young children quiet in a restaurant or store—some threaten, others promise anything.

  72. Anita Nowak

    I would love to win Elizabeth George’s new book – have read all of our work. I love reading, especially mysteries.

  73. Mary Ann Woods

    Sounds like you had a good time. Thanks for the thumbnail sketches on all those books!

  74. Janet Stewart

    I overheard the bosses’ assistant say that someone else who works here is quitting….not funny, but pretty interesting.

  75. Doris C. Losey

    overheard at a library: “where are the e-books shelved?”

  76. Connie Schultz

    My daughter, “Let’s play a Frank on Dad. You know, a joke.”

  77. Beth Mills

    Overheard at Book Expo: ” I can’t believe we’re all waiting on line for a BAG!” (But it was a HOBBIT bag!)

  78. Susan Craig

    I overheard a story when I was waiting in the emergency room late at night. It was so mezmerizing and disgusting that I pretended I didn’t hear my name called so I could hear the end.

  79. Pennyt

    I guess I don’t get out enough to overhear such great conversations. I sure did get a kick out of the posts though.

  80. Rosemary Krejsa

    I wish I could make a comment on the topic, but I have enough trouble keeping myself on track. If I listened to the conversations going on around me my head would explode.

  81. Kayla Beck

    This was overheard at [b]Authors After Dark [/b]about a cover model: “Do you think he’d mind if I just licked him? I don’t really want the signed poster.”

  82. Shazzz

    I really try not to listen…

  83. Kay Gornick

    Love a good mystery.

  84. Kelley Tackett

    knock knock PENNY knock knock PENNY knock knock PENNY.

  85. Juanita Foster

    So much to overhear and so many fine books to read!

  86. Sue Farrell

    Nothing more entertaining than listening to washroom conversations in the workplace—learn lots about the boss.

  87. Linda Bentzen

    So many books to read and so little time. I’ve read books by most of these authors but where I live it’s to expensive to attend cons. Please don’t disqualify me for that. Thanks for the opportunity to win these books.

  88. Allison Moyer

    From a magnet I saw at the mall: I dream of a world where a chicken can cross the road without having his motives questioned.

  89. Jim Belcher

    Over heard in an elevator, “he’s all hat and no cattle”. Don’r know who it was, but those are fightin’ words around here.

  90. Eleanor (Ellie) Miller

    In-joke Department: a quick exchange at Bouchercon 2003 between two BIG-name authors during a panel discussion on good vs bad writing: BNA #1: “Well, Harriet Krausner liked it. She gave it five stars!” BNA #2: “Is there ANY book Harriet doesn’t like enough to give it 5-stars?

  91. Jody Darden

    I have always liked John Connelly and Robin Cook.

  92. Ginny Tata-Phillips

    I agree with so Many Books and So Little Time but keep them coming

  93. Ginny Phillips

    One more post with the correct color name!!!

  94. Anne Joyce

    A friend was asking what does a restaurant (boucheron) have to do with books anyway??? hahaha, I explained it was “Bouchercon” meaning a world mystery & detective convention named after Anthony Boucher where they nominate for the Anthony awards…:)

  95. Aaron Robbins

    I love free books

  96. Nancy Korbeck

    [b]I have not heard any funnies lately> But I have read all of Mary Hifggins Clark books> I just love her style ![/b]

  97. ramona glass

    great posts…the conventions sound fun

  98. Wendy Lewis

    I was at Bouchercon but I can barely remember my own name these days much less overheard comments. I would love to win more books though!

  99. Kathy Fannon

    Bouchercon was such a good time. Everyone was so nice (despite all the murder and mauhem between the pages). I would love to win more books.

  100. Joanne Mielczarski

    Sounds like very interesting reading – and I can’t get enough books!

  101. Les Slusarczyk

    One of the funniest things I have EVER overheard was in line at the grocery store. A man in front of me was buying a bouquet of roses and the cashier asked if it was his wife’s birthday or their anniversary. The man (with a very serious look on his face) replied, “Neither, this is preventive maintenance.” Loved it!!

  102. Jack Curtin

    I am commenting just to be in the sweepstakes for the Connolly co-edited essay collection. Does that make me a bad person?

  103. Diane Pollock

    I don’t often listen to overhear others, but I may start with these cool funny stories everyone has!

  104. Mickie Turk

    I’m dreaming of going to Bouchercon for the first time, next year.

  105. Margie Coats

    This would be a great set to own. My husband and I are both voracious readers. We have a reputation at our local library for having the most books on hold to pick up. The last time I was there they said that they now had a shelf to hold other peoples books. I just love to read.

  106. Bob Alexander

    In an office building elevator a man looked-over a very attractive woman and said, “You are so fifty shades of grey”.
    The woman looked down at her attire, looked up and said, “Just three really”.

  107. BlueGray

    I love the snippets you get from other people’s lives while walking…”yes you HAVE to wear the ugly green pants.”

  108. Robert Carraher

    I wish I could have attended this year, but this collection might go a long way towards easing my disappointment.

  109. Jennifer P

    Overheard: a debate between two woman in the bookstore whether 50 Shades of Grey is really that erotic ….and comparing it to My Secret Garden from the 70’s.

  110. Cindi

    I love the snippets of dialogue that you shared…..
    It would have been even more fun to be there!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  111. Clydia DeFreese

    Hearing all these sharp comments encourages me to get out amongst the crowd …and listen…instead of staying holed up in my sanctuary reading . It’s really crazy “out there.”

  112. Mike Rogers

    Just today at the doctor’s office I heard an old man tell his wife “Just think how much sicker I’d be if I watched T.V. all the time.”

  113. storm391

    Awesome prize

  114. Dana Meeks

    I haven’t heard anything funny lately.

  115. Jean Feingold

    Overheard at bar, one woman to another, “Do you think I could swap the guy I came with for that cute one over there?”

    OK, I just made that up but there are times I have had that thought (but not said it out loud).

  116. Shannon Baas

    Looks like a good book.

  117. susan beamon

    I’ve been housebound for the past month and before that in the hospital and rehab, all for a hip repaire, so there hasn’t been anyone around to overhear. What I’d like to overhear is: “I wish I had won the books that Susan won. Maybe she’ll loan me one. I mean, she can’t read all of them at once.”

  118. Kitty Macey

    “Why exactly doesn’t that coat fit? Oh, could be it’s WAY to small.” In the costume shop.

  119. Clare 2e

    You guys are so funny- even when you’re making up the overheard remarks! And you commenters who just want to win…well, who can blame you?

    Despite the hiccups (and there are some every year) Bouchercon is always great, and the bar scene is everything @KimHammond says.

    @bhgh2o That was such a shame about the bookroom. What a headache!

    I have it on good authority that a couple of attendees held an informal survey to find the best-smelling author. (I have no idea if the authors were also licked, @kaylabeck)

  120. Vera Davis

    Incredible authors. I look forward to reading them the books… absolutely love books! Great prize! With elections just around the corner, a friend was comiserating about all the door to door polling and candidates knocking and ringing doorbells. She shared a knock knock joke she came across. Knock knock…no one home, go read a book.

  121. Nancy Pate

    Overheard at Sleuthfest in Orlando:
    What about your next book?
    It’s a mystery!

  122. Sue Williams

    My sister said to her granddaughter “You should take Papa Don for a walk today.” Granddaughter says “I can’t he doesn’t have a collar”.

  123. Jackie Wisherd

    The neighbors big German Shepherd dog was hollowing outside my upstairs window when my little granddaughter was trying to sleep….she walked down the stairs and asked us: “Was that a wolf?” She had just heard a story about a wolf a day or so earlier. He pretty much sounds like one too.

  124. Patricia Hill

    I love over hearing conversations between my grandchildren.

  125. Erika Loiacono

    I love hearing my 3 year old daughter talk to her younger brother. She is always telling him what to do.

  126. Hannah Beck

    Well, I hardly ever leave my house, so I have zero chance of overhearing anyone, but there’s always hope the UPS man will deliver some tasty gossip one day! 😉

  127. Midori

    Love to win these books. They are the BEST!!!

  128. Marie-Louise Molloy

    [b][color=rgb(64, 224, 208)]Stephen King referring to himself as the literary equal to Bog Mac & fries! LOL! ‘0)[/color][/b]

  129. Jeanne Knight

    Sad to have missed the Bouchercon. I always have such a good time there. Just did not work out for this year.

  130. Darleen Speers

    Wish I could have been at Bouchercon. Years ago I overheard an agent say to another agent while talking about signing clients in the romance genre, “If my uterus doesn’t tilt it’s not hot enough for me to sell.”

  131. Joyce Benzing

    Overheard in the grocery line — “Retirement means more husband but less money.”

  132. Emily McIntire

    The only thing I overheard was people asking for directions. I must have helped 5 or 6 people find things/locations. It was a rather sprawling layout in the hotel.

  133. Debbie Miller

    My grand daughter was asked what room in the house is her favorite?
    She responded, “The pantry! That’s were all the goodies are.”

  134. Andrea Williams

    I’m drawing a blank on overheard conversations, but all these authors are the best! Please enter me. 🙂

  135. Irene Menge

    Sounds like a great con. Maybe I’ll manage to get to one some day. The last time I visited my son, I heard my grandchildren talking. Sophia (age 5) said to my grandson, Rhys (age 3), “Grandma is Daddy’s mommy. He’s old, so she must be REALLY old.” That made me chuckle, but then Rhys pondered a moment, looked at me and replied, ” She can’t be older than Daddy. He’s MUCH BIGGER.” I nearly lost it then and had to leave the room.

  136. Louis Richards

    The other night I overheard Daniel Palmer discussing his dinner.
    Of course, it was a different Daniel Palmer.

  137. gontzagames

    I’ve been to cons, not this one. Eavesdropping is one of my favorite activities. I also love to read. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  138. Ann Stolinsky

    I’ve been to cons, not this one. Eavesdropping is one of my favorite activities. I also love to read. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  139. Anna-Marie

    My daughter started “borrowing” my books at age 9, at which time, she read Watchers by Dean Koontz. She begged for a Golden Retriever for years, both because of the dog in the book and Dean’s photos with his Golden, Trixie, on his book covers. Thanks for the opportunity to win these books.

  140. Anna-Marie Stewart

    My daughter started “borrowing” my books at age 9, at which time, she
    read Watchers by Dean Koontz. She begged for a Golden Retriever for
    years, both because of the dog in the book and Dean’s photos with his
    Golden, Trixie, on his book covers. Thanks for the opportunity to win
    these books.

  141. Pixiepat

    “Success, is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, perspiration and inspiration”. -Evan Esar
    Sure every successful author can attest to this!

  142. Robert Banning

    While in a bar, a guy got hit on by tipsy female patron. She asked if “he wanted to get outta there,” and he said he had to check with his wife!

  143. Taylor (:

    I heard my cat say my name .. ohh! (:

  144. tom

    well, i did hear something unusual at the grocery store yesterday – from the person in from of me in line. but it was a bit too rude to repeat. i hope the guy was just momentarily angry and doesn’t go around spouting off regularly.

    thanks for keeping us up with all the news we want!

  145. Evadne Bryan-Perkins

    I love BOOKS TO DIE FOR, it’s a dictionary of mysteries AND a paperweight, GENIUS!

  146. Lisa Garrett

    I don’t have anything funny to report. This sounds like interesting reading though.

  147. MaryC

    Haven’t overheard anything funny recently, but thanks for the chance to win some great books.

  148. John Maline

    Heard from a participant after a fight in a beer joint in East Texas in my much younger days – Haven’t had this much fun since the hogs ate little brother!

  149. Marjorie Pawley

    Am alone & at home with my dogs-wish they could talk! Reading gets me to different place & I would’ve loved hearing comments in an elevator. These books are such a great gift. Lily does howl when we’re ready for a walk…does that count as a funny story?

  150. Jeffrey Tretin


  151. Joanne

    I am so glad to hear that Mary Higgins Clarke was there. I am pleased that she recieved an award. I would love to hear about any book that she is currently working on. All of these books look like great reads. I hope I win.

  152. Joanne Friday

    I am so glad to hear that Mary Higgins Clarke was there and received an award. I would love to hear about any books that she is currently working on. all of these books sound like great reads. i will be so excited if I win.

  153. Joanne Friday

    I heard a coworker say that her hawk could eat another’s squirrel. Well, it seemed funny. I was trying to line up a food chain and that is not what I expected.

  154. DeeAnn S

    While having breakfast at a local diner, a couple sat at the booth behind me. The man kept telling little, silly jokes that didn’t make much sense. His wife just sat there not laughing. He stopped talking for a while, then suddenly said that he was taking everything with him when he died. His wife asked what he meant, and he replied he was taking all his posessions with him. I heard the wife reply under her breath “And you’re taking those jokes with you too I hope”. I couldn’t help myself and burst out laughing. She turned around and gave me a wink. The husband hadn’t heard her and just sat there looking totally confused. That started my day off perfectly.

  155. Jessica C. Williams

    I wish I could say I overheard something funny while there, but the more likely thing is that someone overheard me say something ridiculous. FOLs rock the house! There were lots of great lines in the panels, however. My favorite was probably “Look out Mr. Holmes, that lizard has a grenade!” from the Elementary My Dear Cleveland panel. It was from a story written by Daniel Stashower as a reaction to not making it into the play, Sherlock Holmes. I should also say that it was when he was very young, not a recent thing. 😀

  156. Donald Hornbaker

    I would love to attend but don’t have any comment!

  157. Tina Branco

    Overheard from a friend at the end of a day “I’m exhaustipated”…..

  158. Linda Rodriguez

    Overheard Bruce DaSilva (whose wife is famous poet Patricia Smith) telling someone, “This conference is great. Everyone’s friendly and helpful. Not like the poets. They’ll eat you alive if you don’t stay on your toes. Real dog-eat-dog.” And as a poet, as well, I know he’s right.

    Loved seeing both of you Criminal Elements lovelies in the lobby. Wish we coiuld have spent more time together.

  159. L L

    Haven’t overheard anything funny.

  160. Megan Mariner

    Two girls at Home Depot talking about a good looking employee, “If I go up to him and buy a shovel, rat poison and a tarp, maybe he’ll think I’m a creepy, sexy kind of girl”.

  161. Elaine Butler

    Overheard in the jury waiting room – jury duty is detention for adults,

  162. barbara studer

    I should wait until Thursday to write this; I am going to a senior-citizen expo and I am sure I will hear lots of great stuff!!! Great group of books for the winner! hint.hint!!!!

  163. John Thomas

    The boss of a company comes back from a meeting and finds trucks lined up at the scales trying to get in. He goes in and finds an employee trying to figure out how to work the scales and ask him were the one suppose to beworking there was. About this time the employee walks in and the boss ask where he’s been. He says “I was getting a hair cut”. The boss declares “You can’t get a hair cut on company time”. To which the employee says ” why not, it grows on company time”.

  164. Ginger Hinson

    I would love to read these books. I can’t think of anything funny that I’ve recently overheard, but please enter me into the contest.

  165. Anthony Schultz

    While heading out to class this morning I overheard two girls talking loudly about their favorite books, and one said to the other, “I mean I totally like think that dinosaurs are so cool.” I almost snickered, but I resisted.

  166. vanessagalore

    I’m afraid I haven’t overheard anything particularly salacious or amusing lately! But I’ll always take some free books.

  167. Beth Talmage

    Oh, I am loving all the comments that have been left. I’m laughing and wishing I could sit down to dinner with all the other eavesdroppers. My family always teases me about becoming silent as I listen to conversations at another table.
    Right now the funniest thing I can think of overhearing was in the grocery store. A woman pointed out a photo on a magazine cover and said to her daughter, “That kind of looks like your Grandma Evvy. She had that same Italian look.” The daughter (about seven years old) became horribly offended and spent a great deal of energy explaining that her grandmother was BEAUTIFUL. Each time the mother agreed, and tried to make the point that she was beautiful in the same way the magazine lady was, the daughter felt the need to take up her grandmother’s cause even more vehemently. Finally, the mom shook her head, smiled at me and said, “She loved her grandmother.” Apparently so, and is an ardent defender of her memory.

  168. Kim Adsit

    I overheard my mom tell my aunt she had a migrane Saturday and couldn’t go out to lunch but we were actually getting ready to go shopping and get coffee. (my aunt can grate on your nerves quickly) A small white lie-she probably would have ended up with a migrane by the end of her lunch! We love my aunt, she’s just a bit loud and doesn’t stop talking. 🙂

  169. Ellen

    My mom loves a good mystery so I would love to give her these books ( after I’ve read them of course ;).

  170. Shannon Sanders

    I wish I could have attended this year. I am hoping to make Albany next year!

  171. Suzanne Rorhus

    I overheard British sensation Colin Campbell explaining to his agent what it means when a tailor asked a gentleman which side he “dressed” on. Apparently the pant leg which houses a man’s treasures requires a bit more material. Or a lot more material, I suppose, depending on the man.

  172. cheryl wong

    sad i didnt overhear anything funny

  173. Tarah Manning

    I haven’t overheard anything funny lately…or nothing that sticks out.

  174. Cheryl English

    I overheard this Diva say that ” The Car he had was this little ugly white car with the letters BMW on it. Then she said, ” Why would he put his initials on such an ugly car?” Gotta love it.

  175. Gail Allen

    Love all of these authors! Would love to win this prize.

  176. Joanna Hernandez

    I love to read. I also love free books. Thank you for the giveaway.

  177. bookdivashirley

    I love Criminal Element and everything about it……but, especially free books.

  178. shirley smith

    I love Criminal Element and everything about it……but, especially free books….and tv show reviews….and bookreviews…..and movie reviews. Wait I LOVE Criminal element.

  179. Willetta Heising

    One of the best laugh lines of the weekend goes to Big Bird, who offered a joke at the end of his SNL interview. “Who likes de-bates? . . . De-fishes!”
    Mark Billingham brought down the house at Cleveland Public Library Sat. aftn. with a retort to Linda Fairstein’s report of a sex crimes line-up involving a scorption tattoo. The audience was laughing so hard, I didn’t quite catch it.

  180. Joe Hauser

    Very nice!

  181. Leslie

    Great selection. Thanks for the chance to win.

  182. runner


  183. tim jaurigui

    I have subscribed to enter

  184. Michele Daley

    My friend to her daughter – you need to learn to lose with Grace
    8 year old – who is Grace?

  185. shelly mccann

    great authors. also really enjoy criminal element, thanks for the chance to win some great books

  186. Denise George

    Over heard someone talking about getting sick… thought he had “citronella” poisoning???

  187. Jim Hersheway

    Great authors this will be my first con…When murdering a mime, do you use a silencer?

  188. Denise M. Hartman

    Went to Bouchercon a few years ago. Loved it. I need to work out my schedule to go again.

  189. Joanne McIntyre

    Just wish I could’ve been there. Can’t think why my hometown (large City) has not had the forethought to “book” a Bouchercon. I would spend my time gawking at the authors! These five books all sound like I desperately need to read them. Better yet…win them!

  190. Connie Saunders

    “If I have to listen to one more speaker” and the next speaker was in earshot!!
    Would love a chance to own these books myself!!

  191. jane

    Would love to attend someday and hear some good rumors!

  192. Andrew Beck

    What a nice selection of honorees! The giveaways all sound like great books! I once overheard people on an elevator going to a public hearing talking about my bosses and the presentation my bosses were about to give. They apparently didn’t think I looked like someone who worked for that organization or thought that at that time I was too young to be in such a professional position.

  193. Cheryl McCauley

    Fantastic win.

  194. mary taylor

    just love to listen to the grandkids when they are playing and don’t think anyone is listening.

  195. Pam Howell

    Great Honorees.

  196. David Vinther

    Most of the things I overhear aren’t fit to print.

  197. Donna Badour

    Sorry, I haven’t overheard anything lately but my son used to say some funny things.

  198. Jean Benedict

    Some comments I hear at the grocery store make me laugh. If people only knew what is said outloud.

  199. Derek Balaam

    Over heard out to dinner recently:

    Woman #1 – I can’t belive he broke up with me.
    Woman #2 – There are other fish in the sea.
    Woman #1- Pass the wine menu, I have his credit card and I’m going to drink like a fish.

  200. Michael Papagermanos

    Indeed! These ARE “Books to Die For”

  201. John Clark

    Nobody ever dies from having too many mysteries on their shelf…Except for the occasional soul who used cheap lumber to build them. I’d love to win a set.

  202. Sally

    A neighbor was described as someone who could say anything you could say in 10 words, as being able to say it in 100 words. I would love to win all these books. A great contest.

  203. vicki wurgler

    I can not think of anything funny I have heard recently

  204. paul sproul

    Overheard at a diner, “well, she bit him first”.

  205. Patricia

    I was taking a train ride from San Bernardino, CA to LA. As I sat comfortably within my seat, a loud, obnoxious lady sat behind me talking on the phone. As I prepared myself for the horrible annoyingness that was going to permeate my ears for the next hour and 15 mins, I started actually listening after I heard one line: ” Girl, there was this one time I got a bad batch of crack. It was so chunky, I couldn’t sell it for nuthin'”.
    For the next hour, I was listening to her drug stories, how LA makes a better spot, and that she needed a new weave job. Mind you she had her weave done two weeks before by some prison mate in a California prison somewhere. Her weave was messed up because she had gotten into a fight with a street corner hooker who pulled at her hair after he told her that ” I will stop taking your clientel after you shave dat nappy mustache of yours.”

    Best conversation I had ever heard. Ever.

  206. Steven Wilber

    Hmm… Sounds like an interesting set of books.

  207. demps66

    I wish I could get to a conference like this one–it sounds like a lot of fun!

  208. kent w. smith

    It isn’t Publishers’ Clearing House Sweepstakes but I sure would like to win this nice assortment of books.



  210. Trina

    Ok, I’m in…….now what? (mystery writers can be scary…. what were they talking about?)

  211. Max Cage

    I would love to attend the con someday. I will have to settle for NYCC tomorrow!

  212. Saundra K. Warren

    Love to read

  213. Katherine Marion

    Sounds like great reads. Heard from Bill Moyers that he doesn’t work for NPR and it doesn’t pay him public money in response to a comment about him by Bill O’Reilly. Just shows to go you.

  214. Deborah Lefler

    I dozed off so many times while reading, I couldn’t keep straight which was part of the book and which was part of the dream!

  215. Carol Puckett

    Lee child created jack reacher and he is jack reacher so why didn’t he star as jack reacher?

  216. Melissa Boveroux

    Would be great to hear them, let alone bump into one in an elevator!

  217. Nancy Roessner

    Whew, registering was not easy, but mission accomplished.
    I followed Bouchercon a bit from afar, on Facebook entries of a few attendees. It looks like fun, so much crammed in a few days. Everyone must be tired, still. How exciting to see so many favorite authors!

  218. Nicole T Harmon

    Hi. I have read about the Boucheron and I don’t know if I will be able to get to it. But I like mysteries and I like thrillers and suspense. This website has helped me find new authors to read and also new websites. Hoping to one day be like them here. But if it doesn’t happen, then its okay I guess and not okay because its what I would like to accomplish and do.

  219. Nicole Harmon

    Hi. I have read about the Boucheron and I don’t know if I will be able to get to it. But I like mysteries and I like thrillers and suspense. This website has helped me find new authors to read and also new websites. Hoping to one day be like them here. But if it doesn’t happen, then its okay I guess and not okay because its what I would like to accomplish and do.
    Sorry had to sign inand it posted. maybe you can delete the first comment. thanks.

  220. Johannah Brookwell

    Love Mysteries, Thrillers and Suspense Novels, with a little LOVE thrown in there to make it interesting… Thanks.

  221. Lavonn

    Love these authors! Haven’t made it to Boucheron yet but hope to someday….love the comments!

  222. Barbara

    They not only smell good, they write “good”

  223. Lorena Keech

    I can’t think of a single overheard comment lately that I consider amusing!

  224. Karen Terry

    Give me a good mystery anytime. Wish I was there?

  225. Laura McLendon

    Overheard a little girl in the neighborhood saying, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, seems she was referring to receiving her first issue of National Geo Mag for kids. When told it was her early birthday present since her birthday isn’t until Nov 3rd, She said but my birthday isn’t until November 3rd!! Get it, she thinks she still needs to get another birthday gift on her birthday that an early present doesn’t count!! LOL

  226. Carol Mintz

    I wish I had something funny to add that I overheard!! I can say that I love all of these authors!

  227. Brenda Logan

    Overhead two women seated in front of us at a political convention discussing the representative who was giving a speech. The one told her friend “I spent a night with him…he is as boring in bed as he is on that stage! Waiter, please bring us two more martinis”. My friends and I were in (silent) hysterics!

  228. Erik Arneson

    At one of the Bouchercon panels (I believe it was “Morally Challenged Heroes”), a lot of the audience overheard a panelist saying, essentially, “What the hell is that?!?” as a very large cockroach scurried across the floor…

  229. Reavis Wortham

    Overheard at Bouchercon from a retired, female Cleveland police officer who was tailed by clumsy would-be purse-snatcher/robber who slipped in behind the elderly grandmother on the way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Carefully placing her Bouchercon swag bag on the sidewalk, she turned and looked him in the eye. “Are we really going to do this?”

    He slipped away with his tail between his legs and she continued on to enjoy the evening.

  230. Kim McConahay

    I like to read Mary Higgins Clark. She is the author that got my daughter to start liking to read.

  231. Helen Gibbs

    Nothing exciting except I like to read.

  232. Susan Smoaks

    this sounds like a great read!

  233. Vikki Micco

    Great books! Can’t wait to read.

  234. Susan Smith

    I was at a shopping mall on an elevator when I heard a man and women arguing over the text messages he was getting from another women. It got pretty heated.

  235. Jennifer Peaslee

    What a great set of books!

  236. Clayton Klein

    Great !

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