Online Vigilantism?: Artist Publicly Shames Texting Drivers

One texting driver who was shamed on Brian Singer's site, Twit Spotting
One texting driver who was shamed on Brian Singer’s site, Twit Spotting
Ad campaigns and stricter laws on texting while driving apparently weren't good enough for one artist. Artist Brian Singer took his activism against people who text while driving one step further when he took out a billboard in San Francisco that were real pictures of drivers taken while they were texting. The campaign started on Singer's site, Twit Spotting, where he shamed drivers as they texted and drove, or participated in other dangerous habits (yeah, we're talking to you, lady who was curling her eyelashes!).

Is this a new type of online vigilantism? What are your thoughts? We thought public shaming was a tactic of the dark ages, but could this work where other tactics haven't?