One Week Until The M.O. Submissions are Long Gone!

The M.O.'s submissions mailbox closes next Friday, so sneak a peek at sample shortlisters in our new Rogues' Gallery! If you haven't submitted your 1000-1500 word story, there's still time, and we're dying to read it! 

Shortlisted for “Nevermore,” E. A. “Screw the Po-Po” Poe is an expert in shotokan karate and chin na, the manipulation of joints. Unafraid of death. He takes credit for “The Fall of the House of Usher,” but may or may not write robot sonnets and tweet @crimeHQ Known mostly for song lyrics,“40 Whacks” shortlister Lizzie Family Forevah Borden goes days without eating, is versatile with weaponry and the baritsu used to defeat Moriarty at Reichenbach. Loves kittens, Pinterest. Like her on Facebook, or else. Wait, I'm the Victim here!
But now that you mention it, I do have a one-jar show I'd like to promote. I'll be taking it on a tour of casino lounges this spring. It's a personal journey of hope—formaldehyde, too, of course—but mostly hope.