On Second Thought, Murder Tattoo Not the Best Idea

We can understand why someone might want a tattoo erased. Perhaps a presumed-permanent lover is no longer so everlasting. Or maybe a night out on the town left a more permanent mark on you than you planned. However, what we didn't see coming is the reason Jeffrey Chapman is using in order to erase his once-permanent ink.

Chapman, from Kansas, is currently charged with first-degree-murder, and his trial is due to begin Monday. So where does the tattoo come into play? Right on his neck, actually.

In big, blocked letters Chapman has “MURDER” etched across his neck. Scared that this might give the jury the wrong impression of the man, Chapman's defense has asked that he be given clearance to have the tattoo removed.

Remember kids, think before you ink. And as for Mr. Chapman, may we suggest your next tattoo? DIPUTS would look great on your forehead.

HT: Great Bend (Kan.) Tribune