Now You See Me: Magicians Turned Bank Robbers?

Magicians seem to be the thing this movie season what with Steve Carell’s The Incredible Burt Wonderstone coming out March 15 and magician-cum-heist movie, Now You See Me, which comes out June 7. In this one, a group of magicians are scrutinized by the FBI who suspect them of robbing banks during their performances. It stars Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, and Michael Caine. Check out the trailer and let us know, are you mystified by the sudden burst of magician movies, or are you excited for this next act in Hollywood’s bag of tricks?


  1. taragel

    I love magician movies. The Prestige is one of my favorites of the past decade. Now You See Me looks pretty awesome.

  2. kevin greenstreet

    The trailer certainly is intriguing, but when is one not? I, too, adored The Prestige. I think it was the first time I’d seen Christan Bale in a role, it was obvious then he was a major talent. And I see Michael Caine appears here as well. His character in The Prestige was top shelf.

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