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The holidays are coming and when you suggest perhaps they might like books, your teens roll their eyes and wince. Never fear, Crime HQ is here! We’ve gathered a great selection of young adult crime novels into one big sweepstakes: seven books, five authors, one winner! So take a chance and maybe you can win something to delight your picky teen’s palate.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE DOES NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING. You must be 18 or older and a legal resident of the 50 United States or D.C. to enter. Promotion begins November 30, 2012, at 12 pm ET, and ends December 7, 2012, 11:59 am ET. Void in Puerto Rico and wherever prohibited by law. Click here for details and official rules.

The books:

  • April Henry: Girl, Stolen (trade paperback)
  • April Henry: The Night She Disappeared (hardcover)
  • Gabrielle Zevin: All These Things I’ve Done (advance reader’s copy)
  • Kathryn Miller Haines: The Girl is Murder (trade paperback)
  • Kathryn Miller Haines: The Girl is Trouble (hardcover)
  • Lish McBride: Hold Me Closer, Necromancer (trade paperback)
  • Madeleine L’Engle: A Wrinkle in Time, the graphic novel (hardcover)

April Henry: Girl, Stolen

Sixteen-year-old Cheyenne Wilder is sleeping in the back of a car while her mom fills her prescription for antibiotics. Before Cheyenne realizes what’s happening, their car is being stolen. Griffin hadn’t meant to kidnap Cheyenne, but once his dad finds out that Cheyenne’s father is the president of a powerful corporation, everything changes—now there’s a reason to keep her. How will Cheyenne survive this nightmare? Because she’s not only sick with pneumonia—she’s also blind.

April Henry: The Night She Disappeared

Gabie drives a Mini Cooper. She also works part-time as a delivery girl at Pete’s Pizza. One night, Kayla—another delivery girl—goes missing. To her horror, Gabie learns that the supposed kidnapper had asked if the girl in the Mini Cooper was working that night. Gabie can’t move beyond the fact that Kayla’s fate was really meant for her, and she becomes obsessed with finding Kayla. She teams up with Drew, who also works at Pete’s. Together, they set out to prove that Kayla isn’t dead—and to find her before she is.

Gabrielle Zevin: All These Things I’ve Done

In 2083, chocolate and coffee are illegal, paper is hard to find, water is carefully rationed, and New York City is rife with crime and poverty. And yet, for Anya Balanchine, the sixteen-year-old daughter of the city’s most notorious (and dead) crime boss, life is fairly routine. It consists of going to school, taking care of her siblings and her dying grandmother, trying to avoid falling in love with the new assistant D.A.’s son, and avoiding her loser ex-boyfriend. That is until her ex is accidently poisoned by the chocolate her family manufactures and the police think she’s to blame. Suddenly, Anya finds herself thrust unwillingly into the spotlight—at school, in the news, and most importantly, within her mafia family.

Kathryn Miller Haines: The Girl is Murder and The Girl is Trouble

It’s the Fall of 1942 and fifteen-year-old Iris Anderson’s world is rapidly changing. Her Pop is back from the war with a missing leg, limiting his ability to do the physically grueling part of his detective work. Iris is dying to help, especially when she discovers that one of Pop’s cases involves a boy at her school. Now, instead of sitting at home watching Deanna Durbin movies, Iris is sneaking out of the house, double crossing her friends, and dancing at the Savoy till all hours of the night. There’s certainly never a dull moment in the private eye business.

Iris is allowed to help out at her pop’s detective agency as long as she follows his rules and learns from his technique. But when she uncovers details about her mother’s supposed suicide, suddenly Iris is thrown headfirst into her most intense and personal case yet.

Lish McBride: Hold Me Closer, Necromancer

Sam leads a pretty normal life. He may not have the most exciting job in the world, but he’s doing all right—until a fast food prank brings him to the attention of Douglas, a creepy guy with an intense violent streak. Turns out Douglas is a necromancer who raises the dead for cash and sees potential in Sam. Then Sam discovers he’s a necromancer too, but with strangely latent powers. And his worst nightmare wants to join forces . . . or else.  With only a week to figure things out, Sam needs all the help he can get. Luckily he lives in Seattle, which has nearly as many paranormal types as it does coffee places. But even with newfound friends, will Sam be able to save his skin?

Madeleine L’Engle: A Wrinkle in Time, the graphic novel

The world already knows Meg and Charles Wallace Murry, Calvin O’Keefe, and the three Mrs—Who, Whatsit, and Which—the memorable and wonderful characters who fight off a dark force and save our universe in the Newbery award-winning classic A Wrinkle in Time. But in 50 years of publication, the book has never been illustrated.  Now, Hope Larson takes the classic story to a new level with her vividly imagined interpretations of tessering and favorite characters like the Happy Medium and Aunt Beast.

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