No, You’re Out of Order: Judge Fines Himself

Judge Judy would have never tolerated such nonsense in her courtroom--even from herself!
Judge Judy would have never tolerated such nonsense in her courtroom–even from herself!
In a bizarre turn of events a judge had to fine himself in his own courtroom when he broke one of his rules. The judge in question had instituted a “no cellphones” policy when one day, his cellphone went off. For anyone who possesses a smartphone, a touch-screen, or really any bit of new technology, it is sometimes very easy to press a wrong button and make your phone do inexplicable things…It just happened at the wrong time for this judge.

In a Good Morning America article, the man in question, Judge Raymond Voet said:

The judge said he had his new Windows smartphone in his pocket during court on Friday but forgot to lock the touch screen, setting off the voice command function.

“The phone is saying, 'Say a command,'” Voet said.

“The prosecutor was in the middle of his closing arguments. … He lost his train of thought and looked at me. I felt my face starting to burn red,” the judge said.

Voet sheepishly paid the fine and has probably learned (like many of us) that it's best to leave the cellphone where it can't do any damage!

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