No Holiday for the Private Eye

Valentine’s candy wearing a fedora
Private eyes are watching you…
If your mate is a private investigator, chances are you won’t be seeing him or her for Valentine’s Day. Why not? Because, according to many sources, it’s the busiest day of the year for a PI.

Keith Hollen told Fox News in Charlotte that:

his case load doubles around Valentine’s Day. Suspicious spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends give him times, dates, locations and then he goes to work.

[Today is] a day when cheaters cannot resist temptation. He says, “They’re specifically gonna see them some time on Valentine’s, whether it’s early morning or lunch time.”

Also interviewed on the subject was private investigator Charlie Parker. No, not that Charlie Parker.  Parker noted that:

…even guys who handle themselves discretely the other 364 days of the year feel an obligation to be with their lover on Valentine’s Day, and he can usually photograph them giving a “goodbye kiss” to their mistress which ends up being used against them in court.

Of course, if you’re dating a private eye, and he tells you he can’t be with you on Valentine’s Day because he’s working, maybe you should hire a second one to be sure he’s telling you the truth.


  1. Colleen Collins

    To offer another perspective, I’m a private investigator who’s married to a private investigator, and in our experience, Valentine’s Day has never been our busiest day for infidelity investigations. Other holiday times (such as over Christmas with all those office parties and other get-togethers) are probably our busiest. As to Valentine’s Day, we recently read that February 13, called “Mistress Day” to some, is a better day to hire an investigator because people tend to make plans with their lovers the day before V-Day.

    A few days ago, posted this infographic on infidelity stats based on interviews with private investigators:

  2. Clare 2e

    Sounds like the “week of” might still capture a busy season, @writingpis ? The infographic was cool and bummeriffic all at the same time : )

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