Sign of the Times: Who’ll Buy New Scotland Yard?

There’s a possibility that the Met might need to cut costs by moving out of New Scotland Yard over the next two years.  According to The Independent:

New Scotland Yard has been in its current location in Victoria Street since 1967 but [Deputy Commissioner] Mr. Mackey said it would take an investment of around £50 million to bring the building up to scratch.

He said that, as the force faces staff cuts, there will also be more and more space at the site, which is “an expensive luxury” in central London.

Mr. Mackey said: “It’s an expensive building to run and it’s an expensive building to maintain and as we go through this change programme it’s going to have space in it that we don’t need. In central London that’s an expensive luxury.”

This is gloomy and shocking news, but let’s look at the opportunity. If we took up a collection, wouldn’t it be the ultimate Crime HQ? And couldn’t we all use it as the ultimate crime fan pied-à-terre? Start flipping those couch cushions!

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