Neither Savory Nor Sweet: Recipe from a Serial Killer

Rose WestFor those of us guilty of loving good food (almost unconditionally), there’s a new, and unlikely, culinary pioneer. Meet Rose West, a convicted serial killer who was sentenced to life imprisonment half a decade ago. She is composing recipes for her cellmates that only require resources available in prison (i.e., ingredients salvaged from prison rations and cookwares consisting of tin cans and plastic knives).

Check out her recipe of this “delicate” Victoria Sponge (and read more about her criminal history) at Daily Mail UK. 

Instructions are seasoned with motherly reassurance. “If mixture looks although it is curdling DON'T WORRY! It'll be OK.” Unsettling really, given the fact that West murdered her own daughter. So much for passing down the family cookbook. . . 

Already tried this recipe? Let us know if it induced any sociopathic tendencies!


  1. Mona

    great story. what a great pic. i want those glasses.

  2. April Moore

    Now that’s a resourceful prisoner. It makes you wonder if there’s a special ingredient, like a sharp file.

  3. uhisthesound

    somebody also try dorothea puente’s recipes! apparently they are
    yummy. she did lure her victims with cooking, so I guess they have to
    be delish? just please do forget to add the poison. she just died last month in prison:

  4. Cathy Zhu Chen

    I should pitch my idea for a show “Marinating with Mass Murderers” to air on the Food Network. Who is with me?

    Also, the sponge cake clearly needs to be washed down with some prison wine.

    (By the way, think I just made myself lose my appetite…)

  5. ssakurai

    can cake be made into shiv too?

  6. uhisthesound

    do we have to be dead to be marinating? because i would like to be alive so i can eat stuff.

  7. Clare 2e

    I’ve had meat loaf that could be made into a shiv- if you had blacksmith’s tools and a grinding wheel, that is.

  8. fredrique

    Oh, the criminally insane… Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them.

  9. Amy pan

    great story. what delicious cake, i want to eat.

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