Nature’s Trimmest Figures Depend On Raw Food Juicing

Pouncing and ambushing only use so many calories when you're devouring food up to 3 times your size. And yet, we've never seen a spider with a Homer-Simpson belly like a python's. How do they keep their trim figures? Fishing spiders (genus Dolomedes) grab prey and liquify its insides with enzymes so they can slurp the whole things through their prey-holes. Below is one making a frog into fluid. Yes, raw food juicing is all the rage and supposed to be very healthful, but don't watch this old-school version from National Geographic unless you're an armchair naturalist or you want to see a seriously droopy sack of amphibian. Eeeeeewww. Just saying, if one of these juicing-fanatics shows up with its family to join the community pool, we're out of there.

Image via Emmy and What's That Bug.

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