Natural Born Killers: New Zealander Campaigns to Eradicate Cats

Maybe we'll let you take Lucifer. No cat was ever hated as much as this one...
Maybe we’ll let you take Lucifer. No cat was ever hated as much as this one…
We all have our causes and our pet peeves (pun intended), but a man has taken it one step further and is campaigning to eradicate cats (also known as predators) from New Zealand.

Gareth Morgan, the champion of every bird, mouse, and other fodder for your feline, has a simple dream, a world without avian-ocide. His platform is based on the fact that cats are natural predators and so are aiding in the decrease of one of New Zealand’s national treasures. No, not Lord of the Rings, but its bird population. He’s not saying put your current cat down (at least that’s not his first piece of advice). He has one simple request—have your pets spayed or neutered. Now, if you ask us, he took a line out of Bob Barker’s playbook, but he’s concerned for the birds of the world.

Gareth couldn’t have found a tougher audience as a survey in 2011 showed that 48 percent of New Zealand residents owned at least one cat. So, will you be signing the survey or will you be guarding your cat against the Gareth Morgans of the world?

Hat tip to the Guardian UK


  1. Dorothy Hayes

    Thank you for the post!I heard a little about this whacky plane on NPR. Mr. Morgan needs to be checked. Cats everywhere are predetors, including here. But elimination of the species is too severe and it won’t work. You can’t forbid people to have their furry friends. They are precious company to many, expecially those who live in apartments and can’t have dogs, for instance. Tolerance and perhaps municiple fines to encourage families with cats to control them, is the way to go. Prevent cats from killing birds by confining them indoors or in a secure outdoor area. This can and will work to help cut down on the destruction of song birds. I’d love to have the same enforcement in the US as well. Cats are not natural to our area, either. In spring, when birds build their nests in the bushes around our condominium, I worry that the little chicks won’t survive a prowling cat.

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