Naked Burglar Eats Pineapples

When you think of home burglary, you might picture someone dressed in all black stealing your jewelry in the middle of the night. Well, forget that mental image for this one and be prepared for some weirdness.

According to WATE, a Florida woman came home to find a naked woman eating her precious canned pineapple. Once she realized what was going on, the woman quickly left her house, locked herself in a car, and proceeded to call 911 to report this strange burglary.

The police arrived at the scene shortly after and arrested the intruder. According to an arrest report, the pineapple eating woman told the police, “the door was open for me to come inside.”

Police ultimately found out the woman stole a t-shirt, ate a bit of leftover food, and then opened the can of pineapple as dessert.

The woman was charged with burglary and theft.

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