Mystery Science Theatre Duels Roger Corman’s Gunslinger

Beware the snark of Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot
Beware the snark of Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot

Ever seen a really, really bad movie? Perhaps one of these criminally bad noir flicks we were talking about? You know, the kind where the actors clothes change from one frame to the next and coherent plot is really more of a suggested guideline than a necessary element? It is these movies that are celebrated (or is that mocked ruthlessly?) in Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

You may be familiar with MST3K and its rather snarky take on some of the more awful Sci-Fi out there, but have you seen its take on westerns? Yep, Joel and his gumball machine robot friends drew down on Gunslinger, a film directed by Roger Corman and starring Beverly Garland and Allison Hayes. The film was shot in about 7 days and has everything really: actors missing their cues, poor set design, car tracks showing on the old-timey dusty trail, you name it. Don’t believe me about how great-lousy it is? Check out this chunk below and then tell me you’re not going to queue up this gem.

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