Murdering Books Beautifully…with a Scalpel.

This is not what’s usually meant by book doctoring, but amazing artist Brian Dettmer is a “book surgeon,” who bends and breaks spines, precisely carving away pieces of old bibliographic works to create new, incredibly detailed works of visual art. Gaze in awe at what your neglected references might become.

Artist: Brian Dettmer
Artist: Brian Dettmer


Hat tip: Karan Arora’s blog where there are also more images, as at the artist’s website. Oh, okay, just one more…

Artist: Brian Dettmer


  1. Christopher Morgan

    These are kind of amazing. The, what I’m assuming is, medical text is awesome. I can’t imagine the kind of manic attention to detail this took. I mean you only really get one go at it then you have to find another book. Did he bring out the coloring in the illustrations more or is that all text?

  2. Clare 2e

    All that’s mentioned is the tools he uses. Most of his works look pretty natural for the books they come from, so I’d guess the color is in the original illustrations (or not).

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