Murder, She Wrote…Again

Who's ready for a new chapter?
Who’s ready for a new chapter?
Have you found yourself in a decidedly Fletcher-less slump? No longer being able to see the intrepid Miss Fletcher, riding her bike and saving the day from bungled investigations? Well, worry no more! It looks like the Queen of the Prime Time Cozy is going to make a comeback.

According to the website Deadline, a re-imaging of Murder, She Wrote is currently in the works. The rebooted Fletcher will be played by The Help's Octavia Spencer and will be a hospital administrator turned  self-published mystery author on the rise as opposed to a former best-seller/widow. Current Speculation is that it will also include the now iconic theme music.

What do you think? Are you in the mood for more J.B. Fletcher?


  1. Susan C. Harris

    Yes. She used to be my fave before Claire’s site reminded me how much I like writing and reading a good cozy. I hope the medical element doesn’t mean they’ll be less human interest and more medical examiner.

  2. Terrie Farley Moran

    I still dvr Murder, She Wrote episodes that are on HMC in the middle of the night. My addiciton is strong but I’m not sure I’m ready for a change in time, place, characters. Why not just start a completely new series? Remakes don’t always do well. Just look at Ironside.

  3. MaryC

    Like Terrie, I watch Murder, She Wrote on HMC and have no interest in a remake.

  4. Linda Rodriguez

    I agree that remakes seldom do well. Also, did anyone else notice that they seem to be setting up a conflict between self-published and traditionally published authors on the remake? Why, for Jessica’s sake?

  5. Clydia DeFreese

    I look forward to a new series of mysteries. But Angela Lansbury will always hold a special place in my heart. I have watched her grow old and reinvent herself so many times. She’s a great actress, whether she’s with Spencer Tracy playing the scheming “other woman”, with Ingrid Bergman as she plays the young maid or Laurence Harvey’s mom in the political intrigue. And she looks so lovely whoever she’s become. I look forward to seeing what Octavia Spencer brings to the role. (I agree that the hospital location doesn’t interest me. I think it’s worn thin already.)

  6. Horomnizon

    I don’t have an issue with the idea….but the worst thing they can do is call it “Murder, She Wrote”. It will just be a turn off for those who were fans of the original. (I’ve already seen backlash online about that.) Not to mention, a reminder that they can’t seem to come up with anything new and just keep re-hacking old shows, with varied success (see Ironside).

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