Murder at the Royal Wedding, or Capitalizing on the Hype

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall
Camilla Duchess of Cornwall: Watch your back! Those crutches were just the beginning.
Murder at the Royal Wedding by Ron Morgans
Murder at the Royal Wedding by Ron Morgans
Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present… Murder at the Royal Wedding. One can almost feel the papillae on one’s tongue shrivel under the utter blandness. The plot? A deranged maniac obsessed with the late Princess Diana of Wales plans to kill Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at Will and Kate’s Royal Wedding. The protagonists? A disgraced royal copper and a girl-gone-wild paparazzo. 

The author Ron Morgans admits to receiving more than a few emails on how “it’s in bad taste and poorly timed” to have unveiled this mystery novel (and through Amazon ePub, no less.) 

Au contraire! (Could it be exquisitely-timed to surf the hype wave surrounding the Royal Wedding? How long do you think it took him to write this? Hmm…let me think.)

In any case, I’m sure Mr. Morgans will be making some bank off of this tacky little number about a Diana-crazed ex-con. Though I’m pretty sure if anyone thought about committing murder at the Royal Wedding, it’d be for one of those outrageously fabulous hats.

Via USA Today and thanks to MFrampton.


  1. Heather Waters (redline_)

    OK, I’m no Camilla fan, but that is just awful. As if the royal family doesn’t have enough issues with the real crazies obsessed with them.

  2. Connie Fischer

    I would LOVE to read this novel. While it might be considered tacky by some people, I think it would be delicious. I’ll bet one could find a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor as well. Sounds like a great English mystery.
    Connie Fischer

  3. Ron Morgans

    Hi, Cathy, Thanks for the mention. I actually worked the book up over many months, day and night, to coincide with the event. I hope to change your mind when you have a chance to read it? I loved The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth in which an assassin stalks Gen. Charles de Gaul as head of the French Government at a public procession. We all know de Gaul didn’t die. It was a story. In my book nothing changes the events of the wedding day. The action takes place in the crowd. Camilla doesn’t even know it happened!
    Thanks, Connie. I hope you get to read it.

  4. Cathy Zhu Chen

    Ron, your comment was gracious, and Clare2e and I accept the challenge. We’ll read it here at Crime HQ and let you know whether we thought it was merely topical or a genuinely fun read. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Nigel Williams

    Civil behaviour in online commentary SHOCKER.

    How nice to see Cathy and Ron responding to one another with such manners. A nice change to some of the snarking invective thrown around online.

  6. Ron Morgans

    Hi again, Cathy,
    I hope you have had a chance to read it now? I look forward to reading your opinion, which I value highly. Incidentally my next book, Kill Chase, is also out now on kindle.

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