Mother Threatens To Blow Up High School

A Staten Island mother has been arrested for allegedly threatening to blow up her daughter’s high school after the teen failed a major state exam, according to the New York Post.

Karen Shearon, 48, reportedly made the alarming threat when she received a call from her daughter's guidance counselor. When the counselor let Shearon know about the failing grade, the mother went ballistic and reportedly responded with, “I am going to blow up that school.”

Now that escalated quickly!

“The Manor Heights public school called police, and Shearon was arrested later that night on an aggravated-harassment rap,” explains the New York Post.

Following her arraignment over the weekend, she was reportedly crying in court and then was released without bail.

What do you think should happen to her?


  1. Spencer Robinson

    God it is so funny. I just can’t stop laughing. It’s so stupid that your daughter got a bad mark and you decided to undermine the school. It would be better if your daughter used for her studies with college paper review. So she would not have bad grades. And you calm down a bit.

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