Mortifying Arrest Record: Grown Man Steals Justin Bieber Cutout

Justin Beiber standee
Was the stolen standee this model? And do you think the mic looks a bit like a pacifier?
From the “you can’t make this stuff up” department and the good folks over at The Smoking Gun comes the news that “a judge has issued an arrest warrant for the 23-year-old man accused of the terribly embarrassing theft of a Justin Bieber cutout from a Florida record store.”

Back in August when David Dowling actually took the standee from an F.Y.E store in a mall in Florida (need I say more?), the crime was not that big a deal. After all, the cardboard cutout only cost thirty-five dollars, so stealing it was just a misdemeanor, leaving hardly a mark at all on Dowling’s record. But then he had to go and compound his problems by failing to appear for his court date. (Out of embarrassment? Probably.) So now his record will include that as well, which will draw more interest than a simple shoplifting charge.

My grandmother, a newspaperwoman, always told me: “live your life as if the reporters were watching.” Too bad Dowling didn’t know her.


  1. Dan Totten

    I did a little time in ’88 for stealing a Jordan Knight poster so I have some sympathy for the accused.

  2. Laura K. Curtis

    proctor –

    I am trying (thought not succeeding very well) not to giggle.

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