Morbid Technoloy: Has Someone Died in Your House?

Using a valid U.S. address (and for a small fee), Died in House instantly searches millions of records to determine if a death has occurred at that location, and if so, will try to retrieve who, when, what caused it, not to mention the “vitality status” of previous residents. From co-founder Roy Condrey's Lapham's Quarterly interview with Bess Lovejoy:

Most people could be comfortable with a peaceful death, I think, but not a suicide. Some people don’t want any deaths in the place where they live. Everyone has their own opinion about this stuff. The real estate industry says that death is not a material fact, like a water leak or an aged roof. But you can fix a leak or a roof, you can never remove a death. You can never remove the fact that John Wayne Gacy murdering and then burying twenty-six young men in his crawl space, or Ronnie DeFeo murdering six family members in the Amityville house. These homes hold the stigma and in time become the haunted houses that we are all familiar with. I think deaths in the home should be disclosed…

A death in a home, especially a violent one, can depreciate a property’s value up to 25% and take 50% longer to sell than a comparable home.

Would you want to know?

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