Michonne Goes Glam

Do you miss Michonne like we miss Michonne?

As we were wandering through that dark and lonely purgatory known as The Walking Dead hiatus, searching for solace and canned goods, we stumbled upon Danai Gurira—better known to you as Michonne, she of the fearsome sword—featured as People magazine’s “Beauty of the Week.”

She notes that her beauty must-haves are a “good pair of earrings and lip gloss.” (Oddly, there was no mention of a stainless steel Japanese katana with a 27-inch blade.)

“Playing a zombie-apocalypse survivor is an un-glam job,” she says, in a decided understatement, “but the makeup artists figure out how to pop your eyes and make your skin still look great.”

If we could all look this stunning after the zombies come, we say bring on the apocalypse!

Photo by Peggy Sirota, People magazine, April 22, 2013 issue