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Memory Book: A New Miranda Corbie Story

Kelli Stanley, The Memory Book, an original Miranda Corbie short storyAn exclusive short story, Memory Book by Kelli Stanley, featuring Miranda Corbie, is now available on Criminal Element for members.


Meet Miranda Corbie, ex-escort, new PI, and old hand at working security for Sally Rand’s Nude Ranch at the 1939 San Francisco World’s Fair.


Like the city of San Francisco, she’ll resonate in your own memory, long after you finish the story.


From  award-winning author Kelli Stanley, Memory Book is the first  short story to feature Miranda Corbie, and a prequel to both City of Dragons and City of Secrets.


 Memory Book

A Miranda Corbie Short Story


“You’re the lady detective, right? Miss Miranda Corbie?”


Miranda brushed the Threlkeld’s Scone crumbs off her navy blue blazer, sipped the coffee. Too goddamn hot.  She set it back down on the B-western fence post around Midget Village, looked at the eager girl in front of her.


About twenty, indeterminate blond, blue eyes shiny like a doll’s. Small, fine shaped wrists, fingers good for sewing work, soft, long, and French manicured. She stared at Miranda as if she expected her to pull out a .38 and shoot something.


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