Man Uses Brain to Get High Like a Zombie

Be prepared for this one. Joshua Long, 26, of Pennsylvania has found himself on the sticky side of the law during his journey to reach the ultimate “zombie high.” Let me explain…

According to CBS, Long was arrested by police after he confessed to stealing a human brain and soaking his marijuana stash in the formaldehyde in order to get a more intellectual high, so to speak. Long’s aunt was the one who tipped the authorities when she found the raw brain hidden inside a department store shopping bag while she cleaning around the house. A shopping bag? What a harebrained idea!

So, where the hell did this guy acquire a brain? Police are thinking it was used as a classroom anatomy aid. It’s unclear if the brain was in a jar or if Long was just storing the loose organ in a shopping bag and squeezing the juice out on demand. Sometimes, it is best not to know.

Now, to the most interesting side to this story: Long must have considered the brain a friend because he named it “Freddy.” He has since been charged with abuse of a corpse and conspiracy.

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