Man Tries to Steal Blinds in Hilarious Heist

Image provided by Northamptonshire Police
Image provided by Northamptonshire Police

Okay, this week’s perp derp had me laughing the moment I saw the story. Police in England are on the lookout for a man who was filmed escaping a store with a rather large Venetian blind shoved down his pants.

According to Sky News, the Northamptonshire Police released the bizzare image that shows the suspect in an elevator trying his best to act cool and hide the massive 7-foot blind between his pants and hoodie.

It is no surprise that the thief attracted pretty much everyone's attention. The crafty bandit was even noticed by the store’s staff, who tried to follow him, but he was too slick for them and fled the scene before ditching the blinds.

He is still at large, and I can only assume police are looking for someone whose house is in need of 7-foot blinds.