Man Spends 3 Days in Jail for Kitty Litter

This week, the tables are turned in the world of perp derp. Police mistook some poor guys's cat litter for meth during a traffic stop.

According to WSB-TV, Ross LeBeau was pulled over when he made a right-hand turn without stopping in Houston, Texas. During the stop, LeBeau admitted he was carrying a small amount of marijuana. His honesty prompted the officers to search his car, which resulted in a much larger find: 252 grams of meth—or so they thought.

The truth is, LeBeau didn’t have any meth at all. Further testing of the substance at the their local Institute of Forensic Science revealed that it was merely your every day kitty litter.

To make matters worse, at the time of arrest, the police boasted that this was yet “another example how a routine traffic stop turned into a significant narcotics arrest in our community and may have kept our children and loved ones free from being introduced to drugs.”

How the hell did the police drop this big of a ball? Really lousy police work coupled with bad field testing technology. But come on now, it was kitty litter!

Unfortunately for Lebeau, he spent three long days in jail despite explaining over and over that it was his father who filled up a sock with the kitty litter in his car to keep the windows from becoming foggy—a trick he learned on the site

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