Man Snapchats the Fire He Started

A man in Florida was recently arrested in connection with a fire that torched a country clubhouse. But this wouldn't be Perp Derp if that was whole story—the arsonist used the social media app Snapchat to film and share his pyrotechnic adventures. 

According to the Palm Beach Post, Anthony Stowers allegedly sent his arson footage via Snapchat to a bunch of his friends, expressing that he was not pleased with how the clubhouse has been maintained lately. He said in the video post, “You know what? Y’all gonna see a structure fire tonight. I hope you all enjoy.” In a response to one of his friends, Stowers said he blacked out after drinking an entire bottle of rum and claimed he did not remembering starting the blaze.

In the end, Stowers admitted that he started the fire but was unsure about the details of that night. He also said that he doesn’t remember how he started the fire, but admitted that he always has a lighter on him.

I doubt the police believe this story. Do you?

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