Man Sets Himself on Fire While Attempting to Commit Arson

A perp derp was caught on surveillance video doing the Harlem Shake after igniting himself while trying to set a local hair salon on fire.

According to ABC, Kentucky police released the video below. It shows a male driver and a female passenger pull up to a building. The man is seen exiting the minivan and tossing a Molotov cocktail at the exterior of the building, which did not go exactly as planned, as it explodes, lighting the man’s leg on fire.

The now burning man then tries to shake off the flame before running full speed and diving head first onto a lawn in an attempt to extinguish the fire. A few seconds later, another camera shows the man kick off his smoking shoes. It reminds me of a Benny Hill skit.

After, he returns to the van and feeds the blaze even more with another Molotov cocktail. They both take off in the minivan shortly after. The police are still looking for the suspects.


  1. David Cranmer

    May that leg fester requiring medical attention where he will be picked up. Though I’m betting someone will recognize him regardless.

  2. Adam Wagner

    If they don’t pick him up at the hospital, I’m sure they could just pick up the burnt shoe he left behind. #PerpDerp

  3. Teddy P

    I would like to invite him over for a BBQ sometime.

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