Man Pleads Guilty to Drug Conspiracy for Trying to Smuggle Cocaine in His Neck Pillow

Sleeping on an airplane is difficult. Whether it’s the anxiety of flying or the inability to get comfortable, catching some shut-eye on your red-eye can be hard—especially if your nifty c-shaped neck pillow is filled to the brim with cocaine.

According to, Rafael Francisco Bautista Perdomo, 21, recently pled guilty to drug conspiracy for attempting to smuggle in over six pounds of cocaine—which he’d sewn into his neck pillow—from the Dominican Republic. Offered $10,000 for the job, Perdomo and his accomplice, Brenda Mancebo, were stopped at baggage-screening checkpoints and arrested.

Both are scheduled to be sentenced in December and are looking at up to 40 years in prison, with a mandatory minimum of 5 years.


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