Man Hires “Assassins” to Kill Son in Video Game

That's one way to get your son to stop playing video games...
That’s one way to get your son to stop playing video games…
A man in China hired assassins to kill his son. Oh, don't worry, it was just his gaming avatar in a series of online video games.

The man, identified in foreign press simply as “Mr. Feng,” hired assassins to kill his 23-year-old unemployed son in the various online games he played. The son was very skilled, spending the majority of his unemployed hours in an online war game. One day, he found he was being targeted by players and cut down almost immediately upon beginning the game. The assassins revealed (And how good can these assassins be if they reveal anything! Where are their cyanide capsules?) that the man’s father had hired them so he would get a job.

The approach failed miserably as Feng’s son continues to play the video games—but maybe it won’t be a total loss and his son may one day be asked to be a video game assassin too.

Hat tip: Slate and BBC World News.

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