Man Charged with Defecating in Police Car

This cruiser is not happy.
This police cruiser is not happy…

Florida resident Carlos Adonis Ramos-Erazo, 24, was pulled over by police for doing 75mph in a 55mph zone. Sounds like a routine traffic stop, right? Actually, this is the point when the story stops being routine.

The Daily Commercial reports that Ramos-Erazo explained to the police officer he was rushing home because he really had to relieve himself. He also refused to get out of his car when asked by the officer. Police say instead Ramos-Erazo sped away, hitting the officers’s arm with his vehicle as he sped off.

He made it to his home and got out of the vehicle and ran, but the pursuing officer pulled out his taser and shot him. He was then placed under arrest and put in the back of the police cruiser.

This is when the situation turned real shitty—literally. The suspect pulled down his pants and began urinating and defecating in the back of the police car while en route to a station. When you gotta go—you gotta go!

He was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, aggravated assault with a motor vehicle on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, and fleeing.