Man Arrested for 28th DUI

Nothing to be proud of

Most of us strive to be the best at something while we are on this planet. Some want to be the best baseball player. Others might want to be the best at eating hot dogs. This week's perp derp is the best at being arrested for drunk driving.

According to The New York Post, a man was charged with his 28th—yes, 28th—DUI. The police say the man has broken the record for the number of drunk driving arrests in the state of New York. He went for the gold and got it … or perhaps he went for the bottle of Goldschläger.

The man's criminal history highlight reel already includes spending four years in prison for a prior drunken driving offense. He has also been ordered to seek treatment on at least 12 other occasions, which does not seem to be working out for him.

During the traffic stop that led to his record-breaking arrest, he said, “I am way over. Take me to jail.” At least he did not play any games with the police and accepted his new title.

If convicted of his latest charge, the maximum sentence he will face is seven years in prison. In my opinion, that seems very lenient…

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