Major Crimes Returns with Courage, Murder, and Love

The gang’s all ready for Season 4!

Major Crimes returns to TNT this Monday night, June 8th at 9:00 pm to begin its fourth season. All of the important and favorite characters are returning, including Mary McDonnell and a terrific ensemble cast including G.W. Bailey, Tony Denison, Raymond Cruz, Kearran Giovani, Jonathan Del Arco and Michael Paul Chan.

This show pulls off a wonderful balance between fascinating murder cases and characters with depth. Nothing beats the bromance between Detectives Flynn and Provenza, the squad’s protectiveness of witness Rusty Beck, who’s now Sharon’s adopted son, and the charm of everyone’s favorite coroner, Dr. Morales. There’s even a former police detective on the writing team to ensure accuracy and provide ideas for cases.

Every season of Major Crimes has a theme. According to show co-creator and executive producer, James Duff, the theme of the 2015 season is courage. Many of the major characters in the show will be given the chance to be courageous…or fall short.

Of course, since most of the team investigates major crimes – murder, rape, incest – every week you might think that’s courageous enough, but for Duff it’s just the beginning.

McDonnell’s character, Captain Sharon Raydor, will need the courage to continue to raise and counsel her newly adopted teenage son, Rusty Beck. She’ll also need courage as she figures out if her relationship with police colleague, Lieutenant Andy Flynn is romantic and what she wants. Last season’s finale had both her and Flynn starting to realize that their relationship had the potential to be romantic. But she’s already had one bad marriage, and any office romance can be complicated. Captain Raydor isn’t the only one who needs courage.

This season will see Detective Julio Sanchez (Cruz) returning from a suspension for using excessive force, but we have to wonder if his anger issues are truly under control. Buzz Watson, the department techie, played by Phillip P. Keene, will train to be a civilian police officer and now he’ll want to contribute to Major Crimes cases with what he’s learned. Will anyone take his new knowledge seriously? Rusty Beck will have to adjust to the fact that the serial killer who wanted to kill him from behind bars is now free — because the arch-villain, Phillip Stroh (played by Billy Burke) pulled off a brilliant escape at the end of last season.

Fans of the precursor to Major Crimes, called The Closer, will remember Stroh as the man Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson shot through her famous black purse in an epic fight in The Closer's finale.  And speaking of Brenda, many fans have repeatedly asked Duff if Kyra Sedgwick will reprise her role. He says that she is under contract for a guest appearance, and they just haven’t decided when it will happen. In the meantime, you can see Sedgwick in one of my favorite comedies, Brooklyn Nine Nine, playing another Deputy Chief in a recurring role as Madeline Wuntch.

If you’ve never watched Major Crimes but like character driven mysteries that ring true, I recommend that you start with Season 1. If you’ve never watched The Closer, I recommend that you start at the beginning of that show and watch all eight seasons. Both shows are that good.

If you’re a fan of the show, you may want to drop by the Major Crimes Facebook page on Monday’s from 8 – 9 Eastern time. Executive Producer James Duff regularly holds a chat where he will answer fans' questions and sometimes one or two actors from the show will join him. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the how the show comes together. It also shows what great respect Duff and his crew have for the Major Crimes audience.

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