Macaroni Salad Leads Police to Arrest Thieves

A New York Sheriff's Office said a hearty trail of macaroni salad helped them find and bust suspects in a burglary.

Deputies from Livingston County, New York were called to a burglary scene at the local restaurant Build-A-Burger at around 6:30 a.m. Sunday. The owner told police a surveillance system and cash register was stolen. Investigators quickly found evidence along a nearby hiking trail  including cash register parts, surveillance system parts, rubber gloves, loose change and a steady trail of macaroni salad, reports the Democrat and Chronicle.

“It was later discovered that the suspects stole a large bowl of macaroni salad, which they took turns eating, along their escape route,” authorities said.

All of the suspects were in custody by early afternoon. The lesson in this is to wait until you are done with a job before eating the profits…