Lucky Gunshot Victim Falls into a Bar Full of Nurses

If you’re unlucky enough to get shot six times at work, do the smart thing and head to the bar! Here’s the rationale, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

The man stumbled into Maxwell’s bar in Minneapolis early Sunday, six bullet wounds soaking his clothes with blood…

As he yelled for help, he didn’t know that great good fortune in the form of six nurses was just a few feet away. Like a well-oiled triage team, they sprang into action, using bar towels, a first aid kit and the man’s own belt to slow the bleeding.

The bar was pretty crowded with more than 25 people inside, said [Tim] Carew, a 40-year-old psychiatric nurse. When the injured man came in, he screamed that he had been shot.

“The bartender thought he was asking for a shot,” said Carew….

The nurses removed the man’s pants and discovered he had been shot twice in the abdomen and twice in each leg. The most serious wound involved his femoral artery, an injury that could cause the man to “bleed out” if not dealt with quickly.

Go read the rest, but we’ll spare you suspense about the ultimate questions. Yes, the man’s going to survive, and yes, nurses drank free that night!

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