Earworm: Zombie Jail Edition

You know zombies really do come in all forms. We have books, movies, tv shows, and even music. Yes music. Now one of my personal favorites is a little diddy called “Move Your Dead Bones” which features what I figure is a Ricky Martin impersonator singing for a movie’s soundtrack. The movie, Beyond Re-Animator, is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Dr. Herbert West and is the third in a series of films (stay tuned to Criminal Element for more on those gems.) This particular film features the good doctor experimenting on inmates, a theme continued in our next video…

Then there is the King of Undead Pop Music. Yes, we all know of which song I speak, but for the sake of the elephant in the room, it’s Thriller.  And what better way to honor the late Mr. Jackson than the music video Thriller as preformed by convicts. I do hope you enjoy both of them as much as I do.

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