Lost Highway? Check the Spil-lane.

Spillane Highway

If you find yourself on Highway 17 in Murrell’s Inlet, South Carolina, just ten miles south of Myrtle Beach, you might want to head for the part of the highway named after Mickey Spillane, author of the Mike Hammer books. It’s a beautiful section near the ocean featuring a salt marsh nature preserve that is absolutely beautiful to walk through, fabulous seafood restaurants, and a coastline that legend has it pirates used to sail.  Beautiful and full of mystery, it’s easy to understand why Mickey Spillane called Murrell’s Inlet home.


  1. Saundra Peck

    Ahhhh…. Mike Hammer! I loved those books, time for a reread! Thanks for the reminder. And I love the Carolina coast….so beautiful, will have to look up the highway next time through!

  2. Deborah Lacy

    @sk1336 – It really is beautiful. And they invented the hush puppy there, so the food is really fabulous.

  3. Clare 2e

    Cool, Deb!

    We have family in Pawleys Island, and my husband’s grandparents lived in Murrells Inlet after retiring from New Jersey. They apparently would see Mickey at one of the local cafes they also liked. It’s a fun, kitschy, naturally lovely part of the world, but I hadn’t seen the new sign. More she-crab soup and mini golf, please!

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