Lori Just Won’t Stay Dead in this Deleted Scene from The Walking Dead

Lori as a Walker

We can all agree that Lori was a bit exhausting as a character on AMC's The Walking Dead. When she wasn't losing track of her only son, she was sending mixed signals as to whether or not she wanted her husband to kill his best friend. But then she died, and things got more interesting. Carl became a stone cold killer, and Rick went a little crazy.

To say that Rick had difficulty with reconciling the death of his wife with the new baby girl in his and Carl's life would be an understatement. In a new deleted scene from Season 3 over at Entertainment Weekly, we see just how difficult it was for him. In the scene we see Rick outside the prison fence, getting up close and personal with Ghost Lori. Their tender moment is soon ruined by the fact that Ghost Lori becomes Walker Lori.

In a way I wish they had left the scene in just because it ads a whole other layer to Rick's grief and insanity. I feel that it would have made an amazing episode like “Clear” even better. Especially after you find out the fate of Morgan's son. Anyway, what do you think? Are you as excited about Season 4 now as I am?

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